Friday, April 10, 2015

This Week...

Oh glorious Friday.  You are here.

We don't have much in store for the weekend but it's quite nice having Jason home two days in a row.  Especially this late in the pregnancy game.  :)

So this week...

  • Monday was a day full of contractions.  Crazy.  I didn't really have any contractions that were just a little ouchy with Jack.  I basically felt great up until my water started leaking.  Then I was induced and it felt like it went straight to "holy cow this hurts".  It was a good 8 hours of steady contractions.  At first I thought nothing of it.  Then they moved into my back and hurt a bit more.  Finally I called my doctor and asked them what they thought.  They told me to get off my feet and relax for the rest of the night.  I figured at this point it had already been going for 8 hours so what's one more hour so I can make dinner?  By the time I was done cooking...they had pretty much stopped.  Had one really good one as I was falling asleep and nothing since.  Kinda nuts.  But glad she's still cooking.  :)
  • I have been working working trying to finish up my orders so that I can close the shop.  Kind of a tricky thing.  I'm the sole worker so I basically can't have any pending orders anywhere near the time I could go into labor.  Hoping to maybe be able to close it down this weekend.  We will see I guess.
  • One of my favorite things about Arizona so far have been the morning and evenings.  Seriously.  They are glorious.  Perfect for walking.  Jack and I go on morning walks when we can and I usually go out again with Jason and Jack after dinner.  Good for the digestion.  :)  Apparently it gets SO hot in the summer that even the nights are still in the 90's.  Yuck.  That sounds awful.  So, gotta live it up while we can. 
  • If you didn't see on Facebook there was a bit of a bummer moment when we saw on our hospital's website that they had a complete sibling ban on all children under 13 years old.  They were not allowed to come beyond public waiting rooms in the hospital for visitation.  I don't really mind where Jack meets his new sister.  I mean likely he's not going to grasp the fact that she's here to stay until she's in our house.  But I would like to see him so yeah...I was hoping he would be able to come back.  That and my mother in law would be able to come back and see the baby without juggling who has Jack in the waiting room.  I was fine with it and knew we'd figure it out but yeah...had my appt. today and they just lifted it so kids are allowed to come back.  Yay!  This also makes going into labor a lot easier if there's a bit of time that Jack needs to be with us while grandma gets here.  Phew.
  • Today I went to a Mom's Bible study at the church that we probably won't be staying at.  Ha!  It was pretty good though and I met a couple of moms that seemed pretty nifty so hey...maybe I'll make a friend or two here after all.  ;)
  • Oh, and back to the appt I had today.  Dilated to 3 cm...but the cervix?  Not ready.  So.  No baby soon it seems.  She said I am free to go into labor tomorrow.  When I hit 37 weeks.  ha!  She'll probably keep us waiting and on our toes though.  Once again I'm expecting to hit my due date...or go passed it.  Hopefully I'm pleasantly surprised.  :p
  • I had a coupon that was about to expire and so I bought newborn diapers and holy cow they are TINY!  I can't believe Jack's butt was once that small!  ha!
Alright.  That concludes the summary of my week.  I hope you all have a great weekend!  <3

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