Saturday, April 25, 2015

An Update

Well, I don't normally blog on Saturdays.  Actually, judging by how long it's been since my LAST post I apparently don't blog the other days of the week too.  :)

Anyways.  If you follow me on Instagram though you may have seen some posts that have eluded to a labor being around the corner.


It's not. Ha!

Actually, maybe it IS but I am driving myself crazy thinking about it and I'm kinda over it.

So the last week I have had contractions on an off.  Some painful, some more like Braxton Hicks.  I had my appt on Thursday and she checked me.  4 cm dilated and 90% effaced.  Basically she said that I'm super ready, just kinda walking around in minor labor.  This basically describes it perfectly.  My body is just done.  I continue to dilate, I am nauseas and have little appetite, and when I DO "digestion" is um...not so good.  We will leave it at that.

So, we made the decision to go ahead and have the mother in law come out.  There are no flights that arrive in the morning so if I went into labor and had to go to the hospital at night the earliest she could get here would be the next day in the afternoon...which would sorta defeat the purpose of coming to be here with Jack.

Thursday I felt downright awful.  Cramping and contractions on and off like crazy.  When we picked my mother in law up at the airport I was driving and taking wrong turns, fully getting lost...all while having intense contractions...mostly in my back.  We picked her up, went home.  Eventually I went to bed only to be woken up a 1/2 hour later to more contractions.  I was up on and off until 3 am, fell back asleep, woke up the next morning and felt ok. 

We went on a walk and hung out in the morning.  I took a shower and then they started up again.  This time they never stopped in my back.  It was pretty much constant back cramping and then they would swing around to the front for a minute...this was happening every 3-4 minutes.  This went on for over an hour where I finally called my OBGYN and asked them what they thought.  They told me to go in.  I was worried that it wasn't the real thing.  Like I had a feeling.  It's been so on and off that I just didn't think it was the real thing.  I had contractions all the way there (1/2 hr drive), while filling out paperwork, and then they put me on that nice comfy bed, strapped the monitor on aaaaaaaaaand...they basically stopped.  Gaaaaah!  So frustrating.  I knew I was going home at that point.  And I did of course.

I came home, laid down and tried to take a nap...they of course started back up I didn't sleep.  By the end of last night I was so exhausted and done.  I don't mind not going into labor and being pregnant a little while longer.  I really don't.  But going through the contractions on and off and feeling so sick and not sleeping.  Not so great.

Anyways, last night I didn't have a single contraction and slept completely through the night.  Thank the Lord.  I really needed a good night of sleep.  Today I've had some tiny baby contractions...more like Braxton Hicks probably.  I still feel sick but I can push through that.

I DO feel bad that my mother in law is here and it seems like not much is happening at this point.  And as positive as my doc was about me knocking on labor's door I honestly could go past my due date and walk around dilated and fully effaced for however long.  It seems like I won't EVER go into labor on my own probably because with Jack I had to be induced due to my water leaking. just seems like something that isn't real in some ways.  Like people don't REALLY go into labor on their own.  That I won't EVER need that hospital bag and car seat.  So dumb that it feels that way when obviously that's not true.

I felt so good with Jack that while yes, I was excited to meet him I didn't have a strong desire to go into labor.  I was totally content being pregnant, expected to go past my due date, and yeah.  Was totally fine. 

This one has been a little different.  I think because my mother in law is here I'm definitely feeling a bit more pressure to get this baby out but obviously in the end...stressing about it does nothing.  So I'm relaxing and enjoying the fact that I'm not experiencing contractions right now and hopefully...she will come soon.  :)

So there you go.  The latest "bringing forth the baby" update.  Happy Saturday!  :)

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