Friday, March 20, 2015

Friday Updates

It's Friday.
And what. a. week.

Let us do a little recap shall we?!?

  • So I got my first stomach 11 years!  Ha!  I actually can remember the last time that I got a stomach bug.  By God's grace I didn't get the throw-up version of it, but the ahem, "other version".  While it was awful...I've heard that it's pretty awful to be massively pregnant and heaving your guts out.  I also didn't have too many other symptoms so I was at least half way functioning...allowing me to take care of a certain little toddler who.......
  • then exactly 48 hours later came down with a much worse version.  The full monty...and a fever to boot.  Poor kid.  Between me and Jack being sick I basically have slept very little in 4 days buuut...what can you do.  Sleep deprivation is nothing new with little ones eh?  We are all on the mend now and slowly trying to regain our appetite.  I'm thinking I won't be hitting that 2 lb mark of weight gain at this two week baby appt.  ;)
  • Crocs.  Ok.  So these things aren't exactly the most adorable shoes...on adults.  But on little kids.  Totally cute.  I have no idea why I didn't buy a pair a long time ago.  Oh wait, because they are like $25 for a pair of plastic shoes!?!  Anyways, Jack is growing out of a lot of his shoes.  And apparently I'm all stocked up on shoes that are too big for him (ie sandals and tennis shoes).  I finally broke down and bought him a pair and they are pretty amazing.  He likes to go in the backyard and run through our wet grass...and "water" the plants with his watering can...which involves more water on his shoes and the ground then it does water getting into the actual pots.  The crocs are rubber so they get wet and then boom...they're dry.  Apparently they are comfy too because he refuses to wear anything that isn't...that's for sure.  Also I would have bought the cheapo version of them but apparently they NEVER have his size's name brand for us this time.  ;)
  • We just got Wifi.  I know.  We are pretty much perpetually stuck in 1991 when it comes to technology.  Funny stuff.  All we need is a coffee pot...and maybe a TV and we might actually resemble the average family who resides in at least the early 2000's.  ha!
  • I feel like I've been a bit quiet on social media lately.  Too busy with flus and just...pre-occupied.  We have family staying at our house currently.  My cousin (who is 20) was just diagnosed with a very rare, scary liver cancer yesterday.  They live in New Mexico.  He went in because of pain last week to his local ER and discovered the mass, and that it had metastasized.  They came here last weekend for the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix.  They have been going through tests and biopsies and got the official word yesterday.  Apparently God had us move here just in time so that they had a place to stay for free while they figure out their next course of action.  I have been hit with so many questions this week regarding faith and suffering...both from myself and my aunt.  And you know...I just. don't. know.  I don't know.  I don't know why God makes people suffer...or heaven forbid...takes a child.  The only answer I have is that SOME how it is for His good.  Some how.  Even though I want to yell, and kick, and scream out "Why are you being so selfish God?!?" deep in my heart there has to be a reason why...outside of the sheer fact that science says eventually we will die and that's that.  We have to have faith in a God who allows such a thing because's truly hopeless.  You read all the books on suffering and the problem of evil and pain and when you are outside of sorta makes sense.  And then you are thrown into the frontlines and all that logic and head knowledge goes out the window and your heart's pain takes over and you're left stripped down, sick to your stomach, and full of questions.  So please pray.  Pray for my cousin.  He's young and probably totally freaked.  Pray for my aunt who is a vulnerable, scared mother who loves her son so deeply.  Pray for Jason and I to be a support to them.  Pray for the meeting they have today with the surgeons that they will in fact attempt to do surgery.  If they say they can't/won't do it then that's basically the end...because chemo doesn't work on this type of cancer.  God DOES move and do miracles.  I believe it. 
Sorry to leave it on a downer.  I hope that everyone has an awesome weekend...and hug those babies of yours.  Even if they're 20+.  ;)

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