Saturday, March 21, 2015

8+ months

It feels weird to say that I'm over 8 months pregnant because hello...we say pregnancy is 9 months long so I should be popping this baby out any day now right?!?  Wrong.  Pregnancy is actually more like 10 months long though you don't even KNOW that you are pregnant usually the 1st 4 weeks soooo....I guess it feels more like 9.  Ok, so it feels like 26 months can I get an amen?

So let's do a little pregger update shall we?!?

  • I am 34 weeks.
  • I have gained 30 lbs.  I gained 28 lbs with  Yup.  That's not happening this time around ahem.
  • Overall I feel pretty good.  I've had "mostly" non painful contractions on and off for the last week or two.  Every once in a while I get something that feels pretty sharp and ouchie.  This is all new for me.  I didn't get a single Braxton Hicks or anything the whole time I was pregnant with Jack.  When my water started leaking with Jack the doctor asked me if I felt I could go into labor on my own and I looked at her and said, "Not a chance."  Hence the induction.  :)
  • My appetite has basically taken a dive.  I am rarely hungry anymore and usually have decent nausea come 4pm.  Not much space up in this abdomen of mine for things like food.
  • I have a few regular stores I go to and the people there are starting to remember me as the big whale...ahem, pregnant lady.  They keep commenting, "You're STILL pregnant?!?"  Guys!  I have like a good 5 weeks left.  This baby is not going any where soon.
  • Speaking of the baby leaving my body.  So.  With Jack I could care less how he left my body.  Vaginal, C Section, whatever.  I just wanted him to be safe and whatever mode that ended up being was fine for me.  I also had never HAD a baby before so I was just plain open to whatever.  While I was aware of the fact that one could tear I didn't reeeeeally know to the degree that could happen, nor the recovery time.  Completely na├»ve to that.  So now we have baby #2.  Guys.  I seriously don't know what to do.  At. all.  I'm honestly okay with tearing again.  Even to the degree that I did with him but the doctors don't think I can handle a tear in the same place again...without serious consequences.  There is talk that if it DOES happen then I may have incontinence issues.  You know, that's every mother's dream to have to worry about her kid's diaper changes AND her own.  Also reconstructive surgery might have to happen.  They mentioned that they think these issues are a genetic thing.  The same reason some women don't get stretch marks or have no issues with their bladder.  Genetics.  Yeah, turns out last week I found out my aunt had major surgery after her second baby.  Completely ruined her and she had to have pelvic reconstruction...and in the end a hysterectomy  And my Nana, her mom...had trouble too.  So I'm typing all this out and I'm sure you're like UM...HELLO DUMMY get a C-section!!!!  But there is this huge part of me that is like...I don't want one.  I want them to flop baby girl on me like they did with Jack.  I don't want to stay in the hospital 5 days, be apart from Jack, and heal from a C-section.  And what if she IS smaller?!?  I feel pretty confident that I could get a smaller baby out with not too much trouble.  Gah.  But if something happened and there was permanent damage then I would be sooo mad at myself.  A C-section is just what it is.  A C-section...and then it's done.  I don't know.  We've thought about doing a size ultrasound at the end and depending on what they say deciding based on that info.  I guess there is a 1 lb "give or take" on those things so if she's measuring at 6 or 7 lbs according to it then go for the vaginal but if she's measuring 8+ then go for the C-section.  Who knows.  See.  This is my dilemma.  Help me decide.  Kidding.  ;)  Phew.  Ok, enough on THAT subject.
  • It's kinda weird/nice having had a baby and basically having everything that we need for baby girl.  All the things that I would like are basically extra things that would be "nice".  There was a consignment store that I liked in San Francisco that was great for things like wraps, toys, and etc.  It was just so-so for clothes.  Their clothes were like $6-$7 and they looked quite used.  I can get clothes for that price on clearance at Old Navy, Gap, and Target for brand new.  There is a consignment store here though that is awesome for clothes.  I basically got everything baby girl could need for the first 3 months or so for super $1-$2 a piece.  And it's all totally brand new looking and adorable.  Score I tell ya!  :)
  • I should buy stock in heartburn products because I'm pretty sure I will be keeping their business afloat single handedly this pregnancy.  I have had heartburn so bad that at points I thought I was going to throw-up.  Lovely.  Everything gives me heartburn...everything.  Even OATMEAL gives me heartburn.  I mean, come on! 
  • Overall I just feel...excited...and a little nervous to be bringing home a second baby.  I mean, my little buddy has been my side kick for almost 2 years and now there will be three of us.  I just kinda feel a little sad to think that this time we have will be...different looking.  There will definitely be more love in the home adding another little one and I'm not sad but I can get a little nostalgic thinking about change I guess.  This is probably pretty normal.  I'm actually not that nervous for Jack.  I think he will probably adjust pretty well.  I hope I'm right!  :)  ha!  I'm also still a little weirded out that we're having a GIRL!  Like I still don't totally believe it.  I don't have a sister...and most of my cousins are boys.  There are just a lot of boys in my family and so...a girl!  Crazy for sure.
  • And if anyone is looking for a super comfy pair of maternity shorts seriously THESE THINGS are amazing.  I wear them almost every day.  The panel is super stretchy and soft and not tight feeling at all.  The best purchase this pregnant woman has made this pregnancy...actually the ONLY piece of maternity clothing I've purchased this pregnancy, ha!  :)
Phew.  I guess that's it.  I have a picture buuuut...I'm too lazy to find my camera and upload it.  So...I'll add it tomorrow maybe.  ;)

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