Thursday, June 18, 2015

Jack Thoren is TWO

Guess who turned TWO last Saturday?!?  Our little Jacko!  I can't believe the little guy is already two.  It feels like we just brought him home as a little bundle from the hospital...and it also simultaneously feels like he's ALWAYS been around.  Funny how that works.  ;)  Seeing as we don't really know that many people in our area AND...we have a 6 week old...we kept Jack's party low key

We started the day by getting donuts!!!  Yum.  Jason wanted me to make pancakes but I stayed up a liiiiittle late making Jack's cake.  So instead?  Donuts!  Jack most certainly was not disappointed.  After donuts we went to the water pad where Jack had a good old time cooling himself in the know, since it's like a million degrees here in the summer.  Is it EVEN technically summer yet?

Back before we moved to Arizona and I was thinking we would have a real birthday party with family and friends I was planning on doing a King Jack and the Dragon theme.  Have you read the book???  It's adorable.  And Jack loves it...and hello!  It's JACK and the Dragon so perfect right?  Well, once it became apparent that we were moving and there wouldn't be a big party I kinda scrapped that idea.  I still sorta went with it I guess though.  I made him his birthday crown and his "dragon" was his cake.  I was planning on making wings for it was 12:30am and I was pooped wings.  :)

After naps we did ANOTHER water activity.  The kid loves water and like I's hot.  We have a wave pool by our house that's pretty fun.  Little guy had a blast.  And we took turns going out with Jack while the other parent held Eloise.  :)

For dinner we had soft tacos with SOUR CREAM.  Jack's favorite thing in all the wide world is sour cream.  He adores it.  Pretty sure he would even put it on his cereal if we let him.  Now, I love sour cream too...don't get me wrong.  But he takes it to a whole new level. 

After dinner we did Facetime with the grandparents and had cake and opened presents.  He needed some help with the opening presents part.  He would peel a bit off and then want to put it back.  Doesn't surprise me I guess.  He's pretty orderly and clean soooo...yeah.

This picture makes me so happy and sad all at the same time.  He is growing up and getting so big!  And yet I just miss that little baby sometimes.  He sure is fun though as a little toddler.  ;)

And there you have it!  Jack is now 2!!!  Happy Birthday buddy!  We love you so much and are so thankful for your sweet, silly, and loving personality.  You are such a joy and cannot imagine life without you by our side.