Thursday, June 4, 2015

Eloise May: 1 Month

Our little girl is ONE month old!

Can you believe it?!?  I am going to TRY to do these little monthly updates with Ellie.  I mean, we have that whole "second born" thing going on.  She IS our first girl though so she's got that going for her.  If there is a third child added to our clan...well there's no hope for them.  ;)  Kidding.

So what's there to say about Eloise?

Really she is so easy going.  She is content to be held or to be put down on her tummy on the floor.  She is just now starting to actually wake up from her newborn stupor.  Ha!  She sleeps darn good.  As in 5 hour stretches at night.  I only wake up once from her.  Amazing considering Jack basically came out of the womb wanting to nurse every 1 1/2 hours. 

She is gaining more and more neck control.  I do like the floppy, squishy newborn stage...mostly because it is so short and precious but I can see the benefit of having a little neck control.  It allows me a free hand with the toddler.  ;)  All in due time though.  Her little arms and legs are filling out and I am already tempted sometimes to squish those adorable little thighs of hers.  She's already in 3 month clothes just about...mostly because she is on the longer then average side of the chart.

 Nursing and what not is going better.  She definitely partakes in the "witching hour" though now which involves her basically being a crazy rooter who won't actually latch.  She eats until she's full and then roots and roots.  I try to make her latch and she mostly screams her head off until I give up and give her a binky instead.  Weird baby.  I think what it comes down to is that she isn't a "comfort nurser".  Jack would nurse and just use it as comfort during his witching hour.  He was happy as could be doing that until he fell asleep.  Not Ellie.  She gets MAD if you try that move on her.  Slightly unfortunate as it was as sure fire way to make a cranky baby happy.  So, it's the binky for Ellie and walking around with her until she's happy again.  :)

Overall things are going pretty well.  My house is a bit of a disaster and I feel about 10 steps behind on just about everything but we are enjoying our sweet second born.  Oh, and by the way, Jack still ADORES the girl.  Absolutely loves her.  It makes this mama heart happy.  He doesn't like strangers to hold her too.  Ha!  If he sees someone other then me or Jason holding her he walks up and puts his hands out and if to say, "Hey!  Give me my sister back."  Funny boy.

And I guess THAT is Miss Ellie May's first month for you.  Hoping to catch some smiles in the next couple of weeks.  :)  We love you Eloise and you are the perfect addition to our little fam!  <3
Also just for fun...a little side by side comparison on the sibling unit for ya (I didn't have a frontal one of Jack at one month so I used a two month!)  :)
Also I think it's interesting to note that I see a LOT of me in Jack and with Ellie...not so much.  I mean maybe a little. And she is definitely darker then Jack.  Jack is pink.  Ellie is more brown.  So shoot.  We might have a "Jason baby" afterall.  :)

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