Monday, July 22, 2013

For the Grandparents

I feel slightly brain dead.

Not sure why.  Oh wait.  I have a 5 week...almost 6 week old who is still enjoying his every 3 hour feedings at night.  Except for last night.  We went 5 hours and then 6 hours.  It was beautiful.  I'm hoping this becomes a new trend.  HOPING.  Jack is also transitioning into being awake more often...and taking one super long nap in the afternoon.  The nap is so long that it makes me miss him by the end of it.  Like I almost want to wake him up.  Almost.  :)  I enjoy him being more awake but I must say that it makes certain things a little difficult.  Things like oh, going to the bathroom and eating.  Yeah. Jack loves to be held.  LOVES.  And you have to entertain him too.  I know, he's only 5 1/2 weeks old.  But seriously, he gets bored and fussy if you don't talk to him, sing to him, dance him around.  Exhausting after a couple of hours I tell ya.  Anyways, I'm hoping that over time he will learn to entertain himself just a little more...we're working on that. ;)  Also the little guy has suddenly started scratching his face....a in drawing blood.  We've never had issues before this.  So sad.  :(

Anyways, for the grandparents...
And anyone else who likes to stare at our child as much as I do...
Enjoy! :)

Angry baby haha
Lesson planning :)
He's getting so chunky!!!
Daddy loves his baby <3
This is as good as it gets haha
Bath time!!!


  1. EEKS! He looks huge already! Very cute pictures. Also, great taste in crib sheets!

  2. I see Jason is learning to multitask and lesson plan/take care of the baby at the same time. I don't know if I could do that... Glad to see Jack healthy and full of energy!! - Eric