Thursday, July 18, 2013

R to the A to the RANDOM

Something smells and I cannot figure out what it is.  It's kinda a weird musty smell.  I smelled myself, the cushion on the chair, Jack.   I can't figure it out.  So weird.  I only smell it when I'm on the computer though.  I'm stumped.

I did my first public nursing today.  Yeah buddy.  I think I didn't flash my milk jugs to the world.  I think.  ;)  Jack wasn't a stellar nurser though with the cover.  Not his thing.  He was too distracted.  Oh well.  We'll get used to it.  I felt surprisingly unawkward though.  I honestly didn't care if someone got a little glimpse of the "girls".  They shouldn't be starin' so hard...pervs.  :)  We are in the middle of San Francisco's "summer" aka complete and total, never ending grey sky and cool air.  Blak.  I needed to get out of the house and feel like I should be getting Jack out too.  He needs stimulation...more then what our small house offers.  We go on walks but it's too bright for his little baby blues and so he's hidden underneath the cover.  Anyways, we went to the mall.  I got a coffee and we walked around.  The kid was totally enthralled by all the lights and got many oooohs and awwws from cute old ladies.  I was hoping to nurse in the "women's lounge" in Nordstrom's.  It's this nice area in the bathroom that has couches...and is very private.  Except there were like 4 people in there all sleeping???  Weird.  So, I was banished to the mall area.  I found a private bench and all in all our outing was a success.

So I think I got Jack to smile.  Yeah, I'm awesome.  And it probably means Jack is a genius.  I mean, 5 weeks?  That's a little early right?  :)  I made this weird little pop noise with my mouth and yeah...I coaxed a couple of smiles out of him.  Not a huge gummy one but I don't think we can blame it on gas.  (He smiles all the time when he's just about to fall asleep too)  Anyways,  I'm sorta counting it.  I'd like a smile that's a little more consistent and that I don't have to work so darn hard for though.  :)

I got my hospital bill in the mail from Jack's birth.  Daaaaaaaaaaang.  Let's just say a deductible is a WHOLE lot less painful when you see what it would've been without insurance.  In case you were costs $41,000 to birth a child in San Francisco.  Yeah.  I know.

What do I wear right now?  I mean really???  My maternity pants kinda fit...but they're getting a little big.  But my old jeans...I'm no where near cramming these hips/butt into those things.  Let alone the waist.   I went to Forever21 and got an $8 pair of skinny jeans.  I'm thinking I should get another pair.  But what about shirts?  I mean everything fits just...weird.  Or it's too small in the bust.  I don't want to buy anything because I'm guessing I'll still lose more weight.  I mean, it's not like I SEE anyone every day but I am planning on going back to work (very part time) in a month.  I guess we'll wait and see what the bod sitch is then eh?  Maybe I should go to a thrift shop and get some "transitional" clothing.

I miss a few things.  Overall being a mom is great.  But I miss dates with Jason...and for some reason I really want to see a movie even though I was never a big movie person before.  You always want what you can't have right?  Weird.  I also really miss cooking.  That is almost impossible.  I have to choose meals that don't take a lot of "stove attention" because at any moment I may have a crying babe who needs some lovin'.  I just want to cook a stellar meal with a delicious dessert.  One day, one day.

And that concludes my random post.

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  1. YES invest in a few nursing friendly transitional clothing items! You will feel so much better when you are wearing clothes that fit well:) Trust me. Then pack them up and save them for your next postpartum time;) Oh and nursing tank tops + light weight cardigan = cute and flattering postpartum attire too.