Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Welp, we are back.

We had a lovely week in San Luis Obispo seeing friends and family...introducing our little Jack to those who haven't met him yet. 

It was our first time traveling with Jack.  Because...we still don't have a car.  Yeah.  Basically I'm an idiot and messed up (with the help of the insurance lady) on how much having a baby was going to cost us.  I could write a whole post on this buuuut...I won't.  Basically a car will have to wait because the money just plain isn't there.  So, we rented a car for the week.  Jack did...okay.  haha.  For the most part he was pretty good.  Unfortunately the kid doesn't love his car seat.  We had two full blown melt downs.  I've never seen him so sad.  Ugh.  Once on the way back from dinner and once while on a walk (he has to use the car seat in his stroller).  Anyways, aside from those 2 episodes...he did great.  On the way home to San Francisco he pretty much slept the whole way.  yay.

So I just love our kiddo.  Seriously, sometimes I just look at him and think, "For real?!?  He's ours?"  Yeah.  Being a mama is a crazy thing.  Just thought I'd put that out there.  :)

So Jack has been a rockstar sleeper...until the last couple of nights.  No bueno.  He's been doing this weird thing where he grunts in his sleep starting at about 3am.  I think he wants to be fed but he's gone so long without waking up in the middle of the night that it's hard for me to see the "need".  Anyways, tonight I'll try to just get up and feed him.  Maybe he'll sleep more soundly/quietly after he eats.  :)

Also on Jack...cause I mean...what else IS there to talk about??? :)  He got his 2 month shots yesterday.  I HATE shots.  I REALLY hate having my kid get shots.  Jason has to go and hold him down haha.  Yeah, I'm a wimp.  Anyways, 4 shots.  Poor baby.  And 5 hours later we had a sad, whimpering, fevery little baby.  He just curled into Jason and whined quietly until he fell asleep.  Broke my heart.  We finally broke down and gave him some infant tylenol.  Today he's been just plain fussy and whiney.  Hopefully tomorrow is a better day.  For his sake...and for ours.  ;)

Anyways, I'm missing San Luis.  I've never had the desire to live in SLO until we had Jack.  Suddenly family seems so much more important.  I would love for our little boy to be able to grow up with his family near by.  But...we'll see what the Lord has for us. 

Well, happy Tuesday everyone.  :)

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