Wednesday, August 7, 2013

This and That

  • Jack is sleeping in the entry his stroller.  Don't want to wake the little guy up.  Mama's got things to do like...clean out the refrigerator and stuff diapers...and blog.  :) I did the first two things already...promise!
  • We are leaving for San Luis Obispo soon and I am so ready and so excited.  Partly because if I have to live in ONE more day of perpetual fog I'm going to go crazy.  Seriously, cuh-razy.  I have never spent a summer in San Francisco.  I work in San Mateo which is 20 miles south and so I've always experienced sun during the summer.  I'm pretty sure it's been foggy almost every day since we brought Jack home from the hospital.  Shoot me.
  • If you don't follow me on Instagram then you won't know that I had a random adorable old lady give Jack $20 at the mall yesterday.  Yeah, odd.  But cute.  So, I was standing in line at Starbucks and she started talking to me.  She was all up in my bubble.  So much so that she put her hands on the stroller handle...with me!  hahaha.  She was like 90 years old though so I made an exception.  :)  Anyways, she told me about how she had 3 babies within 3 years (oh my word) and yada yada.  I also liked her because she kept commenting on how fast I got my figure back (why thank you).  ;)  Anyways, after I ordered I was walking away and she grabbed my hand and put $20 into it and said to buy Jack something.  I resisted with all that I had...and everyone was staring at us like I/she was crazy.  She wouldn't budge.  When we were waiting for our drinks I tried to give it back again and NOPE she refused.  She said that this is what you do when you have a baby in her culture (she was Chinese) and that she does it all the time.  bahaha.  So, I just took it, said thank you, and that I would buy him something in her honor and tell him about it when he gets older.  She was the cutest thing ever and what a totally random act of kindness.  :)
  • Forever21 is a postpartum savior.  So, in reality I have my qualms in regard to cheap fashion.  Have you heard of the Bangladesh factory that collapsed?  Stores like H&M and Forever21...not a huge fan of.  They feed this "fashion changes every month and you can have it for dirt cheap because we have sub par manufacturing facilities abroad" problem.  Buuuuuuuut.  I can't afford to buy a new pair of pants every 3 weeks.  Forever21 has jeans for $8.  They are so cheaply made gotta do what you gotta do I guess.  Anyways, I highly recommend it for the postpartum ever changing body.  
  • Mastitis #4.  Just saying.  boo.  I'm a PRO though at kicking it without antibiotics.  A pro I tell you.  Overproducing milk has it's good parts but chronic mastitis is NOT one of them.
  • Ordered Jack a Woombie and a playmat on Amazon today.  I'm ready for that Woombie let me tell you.  The kid is driving me nuts.  I woke up last night and he had his arm coming out the top of his SwaddleMe and he was hitting himself in the face.  Special child.  No wonder he woke up. haha.  He's becoming more and more aware.  He smiles at us and is beginning to smile at toys.  We have tile floors and no where to lay the kid down except in his crib.  Anyways, this one is foldable apparently.  Hopefully he likes it.  :)
  • We ventured downtown a couple of days ago...just Jack and I.  We took the Muni train.  I felt like such a city-savvy girl.  :)  I remember that I drove down there when we first moved here to go to Anthropologie and it took me like an hour to get there...and I paid $10 in parking.  The muni train dropped us off in front of took us 25 minutes and $2.
  • Aaaaaand my baby is waking up.  Time to feed the little man.  It's been real yo. 


  1. How cute about the old lady!! And crazy...

    And I had no idea about Forever21. I haven't shopped in about a million years, mainly for reasons that you mentioned: the ever changing post-partum body. Pregnant-post partum-1 year post partum- pregnant again. Ya... I think I have about 15 different bras in different sizes (TMI?).

    And ... I'm really excited to see you.

  2. Fun facts!! We have all hardwood at our hous. I got a set of foam squares at target which are a little softer in hopes of using those. I also put 2 of them in front of the changing table for some extra padding for all the time we will be spending there, haha.