Monday, November 18, 2013

4 Months...and 5 months

Our little man is 5 months old!!!  How can that be?!?  These last 5 months have flown by.

Because my camera cord is still MIA this is a 4 and 5 month combo.  So, first I'll hit on 4 months since it's already written (sans pictures because...they're on the camera) and then I'll conquer 5 months (with pics because they're on my phone).  :)

So, what was going on in Jackland at 4 months?  Well, apparently he...

-smiles like a boss
-laughs out loud
-loves to squeal just to hear himself
-rolls over from back to stomach...still hasn't figured out the stomach to back thing.
-stands/sits up with minimal support
-at his 4 month appointment he was 15 lbs (50th %).
-drools/chews on EVERYTHING
-loves his baths but is growing out of his tub (we have the PUJ tub, boo!)
-still wakes up once or twice a night
-loves, LOVES to be out and about
-would be absolutely happy if I carried him in the Ergo 24-7.

Things he's not so keen on:
-Tummy time.  Hence the reason I would be quite happy if he figured out how to roll BACK over once he's on his tummy.
-Being left in a room alone.  He follows you with his eyes all around the room and as soon as he can't see you he cries.
-the car/carseat.  Still pretty much hates it.  Did I mention we're going down south 3 times in the next couple of months???  :)  Good times.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  :)

Jack @ 5 Months

-can now kinda roll over from stomach to back...though I'm still not convinced he's completely aware that he's doing it.
-chewing and drooling on everything.  I swear I can feel a tooth but I can't SEE weird.  I guess time will tell eh?
-grasps and plays with things pretty actively.  He's just NOW starting to enjoy the playmat.
-he seems to be a stomach sleeper.  So weird.  I feel like he's so old now.  Choosing his sleep position and all.  We are still trying to figure out the whole sleep training thing.  Basically it's completely on hold until he's 6 months and we start solids.  Oh and the weaning from the swaddle went terrible.  5 days and no sleep for anyone we finally put it back on.  I let him roll over while swaddled to see how he does and guess what....completely fine.  His neck it definitely strong enough and because he's in a swaddle sleep sack he can still get his arms out...which he did.  And then proceeded to fall asleep on.his.own.  Which was a first!  So there you go.  The swaddle stays haha.
-for the last month he's been doing these "sit ups" where I think he's pretty sure he's going to be able to sit up.   Kid is getting some hardy ab muscles though from it haha.
-scoots forward while on his tummy...though I wouldn't call him "mobile" just yet.  :)
-plays independently for a small amount of time.
-proud to say that he LOVES his mama.  He is such a mama's boy right now...though I'm sure the "daddy phase" is soon to come.  :)
-gives kisses.  Full mouth, slobbery kisses.  He loves to do it and then looks so proud afterwards.  Melt my heart.
-had some firsts!  First Halloween, first trip to the beach!  Can't wait for the little man's first Thanksgiving and 1st Christmas!  yay!

We love you Jacko!  We thank the Lord for such a sweet, fun little boy!  God is good!  :)

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  1. Love this update and hearing about everything Jacko is up to! Is he still waking at night? John just regressed to doing that...I'm hoping temporary growth spurt. That 5mo smile is adorable!