Friday, November 1, 2013

Christmas Exchange! «Wanna join in on the fun???»

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Christmas is in less then two short months!?!  Can you even believe that?  I can't wait.  I love Christmas.  I love Jesus and the "reason behind the season".  I also love the other stuff too though.  You know, the festivities, presents, and etc.  We are VERY excited to have our first Christmas with our little guy. Very excited to start new Christmas traditions with our little dude...and to carry on the one's that we already do as a couple.

One of those traditions has been to give each other a Christmas ornament each year.  We actually forgot last year haha, but we've been doing it since we started dating.  Yay.

Anyways, I've seen some of those coolio mug exchanges and what not on blogs and I've always felt like...awww...I want to take part in one of those. about we do one!?!  But with ORNAMENTS!!!!  Yay!

Here is the deal.  I will organize it!  All you have to do is leave a comment and say you are in.  At the end of November...or so, I will email you and pair everyone with someone...randomly.  :)  Then on a given day in December we will all ship out our goodies to our internet friend.  Oh yay.

The ornament can be made...or not (cause I know everyone isn't crafty and there are some pretty awesome store bought ones).  Maybe don't spend more then $10 or so???

So what do you think?!?  Are you interested?  Does this sounds fun or lame???

Anywho.  So there you go.  :)
Hope you have a great weekend.


  1. Oooh! I'm in! Choose me! (And Christal M...I know you are reading better do this too!) great idea Anna. Make sure you choose a fun insta hash tag too! Haha.

  2. haha Christy. I'm in, I love any type of exchange, and I LOVE Christmas! (

  3. Yes! I forgt to include email

  4. I'm in!

  5. me me me!! carriehaughey at gmail dot com

    I agree with Christy, lets get a fun hashtag going too!!!

  6. mmm. hashtag eh? what's a good one? I'm commenting to remind myself that Robbin Mote wants to join but couldn't comment for some reason ha.