Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Busy Busy

Oh hey.

That's right...I DO have a blog.
Apparently I forget this fact.
But cut me some's SUMMER!
Well, not for long.  And you certainly wouldn't know it by looking around here.  We are in the midst of that two month summer stretch in San Francisco where it's like 62 degrees and uber foggy.  Blak. 

Also, Jason is on his one month break between summer and fall quarter.  That and losing a job, applying for more, skype interviews, etsy sales, caring for a baby, Jason gone backpacking, family in town, getting ready for our family vacation.  Crazy days man.  This little space has been a bit neglected.  But I'm here!  :)  Phew.

So, maybe I'll just do a little update post.

Job: We are applying all over...once again.  So far we only have one potential in San Francisco...and it's a definite possibility.  We also have applied to Washington, Oregon, and L.A.  Some of the positions start very...soon.  Kinda freaky, and kinda exciting at the same time.  So thank you for your prayers.  It seems like there has been a lot more response as far as interviews go this time around.  I'm thinking it may have to do with him having worked at UC Berkeley now???  Not sure.  We just continue to pray that God will direct us...and of course...He will.  :)

Jack: After a looong stretch of sleeping well we are going through a bumpy spot.  I finally got a good look into his mouth and he has started to cut the top two morals.  Between that and an ear infection...sleep has been a little hard to get lately.  :)  Like all stages this too shall pass.  Otherwise...he is such a joy.  He is discovering and doing SO much.  Every day he blows me away with what he learns.  We took him to the Sausalito kids museum and had a blast.  This age is SO fun.  I love being this kid's mama.

Anyways, Jason is backpacking and grandma is here hanging out with us.  Then we leave for some time with my side of the family and then a little family camping/backpacking trip with just the three of us...which could go great...or really really bad hahaha.  We will see.  :)

So, that's what is happening with us. 
See ya when we get back from vacay!!!  :)

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