Monday, August 25, 2014

One Year DONE!

One year ago today I started a "fast".

A "clothing and buy anything for myself" fast.

The rules clothes, shoes, accessories, or anything of that sort.  Toiletries are ok...if it can be bought at Target. Sephora (not that I'm a crazy Sephora person but I do use Philosophy face soap and some of their makeup).

It made me branch out and realize that you can do a lot of creative things with your old clothes when you are tired of them...without spending money.  For example:

I converted my bootcut pants into skinny pants.
I made a cute head scarf.
I made my own earrings out of felt.
I added cute contrasting fabric pockets to some of my plain t-shirts/tank tops.
I mixed and matched things that I wouldn't normally have thought of just to freshen it up a bit.
I wore shoes waaaaaaay longer then I ever would have normally...hello holey Toms. was so good.
At times it was a little hard but in the end it was waaaay easier then I thought it would be.

I never really thought of myself as a person who is into "fashion" or whatever you want to call it.  Yet I felt myself trying to keep up.  And indulging in things that were not necessary or financially wise.  Indulging occasionally is totally fine if you have the money...but I was getting to that point where I just wanted so many things.  Like I would think about the things that I wanted way more then I should.  Too much time and energy was being put toward "wanting" things and not nearly enough time was being put toward "thankfulness".  Blak.

So...I let it all go.
And it was so very freeing.

But there were parts that were hard.  And everyone wants to know the hard stuff right?!?

So, first I started this 2 months after giving birth.  I had only bought a couple of things post-birth and so that was a little complicated.  Though I fit into my pre-pregnancy pants when I started this I thought that my body would completely return to pre-preg size and proportions.  I'm the same weight...but the body isn't quite the same.  My hips are just a tiny bit wider...enough to make my pants not entirely comfortable.  I am REALLY ready to buy a new pair of pants that fit WELL.  And to get rid of these current ones cause lets be honest...I ain't getting any smaller.  And can I just say...I LOVE LOOOOOVE my new hips.  I use "hips" loosely because I was an absolute stick before.  Now I'm a size 0 instead of a 00 haha.  Obnoxious I know.  ;)

Wedding season.  Um yeah, I had ZERO dresses that worked.  We compromised on this one and I got a 2nd hand dress for under $10.  I really like it, it's modest, and very baby friendly.  So technically this was my ONE purchase this last year.  Ooops.  It was a family wedding though...and I was going to be in the pics.  Yikes.  :)

Shoes.  This one I totally didn't see coming.  I bought a pair of Toms right after giving birth.  They were cute and fun but not really shoes that go with everything.  I also had an old pair of black Toms.  And my Toms ended up being the ONLY shoes that fit comfortably outside of my sandals.  All of my other shoes ended up being too small.  I don't know how much longer my feet are...maybe barely a half size but they are certainly wider and oye do my shoes hurt my feet.  So I wore my Rainbow sandals and black Toms everyday and now my Toms are in desperate need of being retired!  :)

All of my nice make-up made it the whole year because I'm pretty light with it.  My face soap lasted quite a while...until May I think.  I rationed it well.  :)  I could use a new bra or two FOR SURE now that I'm not nursing.

So I "needed" things and yet the level of need just wasn't that high.  I could make do.  And you know...some times I think it's good to make do.  I don't have to run out and buy everything immediately.  A little adjusting and trying to go without will not kill me.  It will certainly help our bank account that's for sure!  :)

So there you go.  I will be buying a new pair of jeans, and shoes. 
Otherwise though...I really feel no desire to shop.  I thought I'd be chomping at the bit but yeah...I'm pretty content for the moment.  :)

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  1. I had to say 'Well Done!' You sound so freed by your change in thoughts as well. I am so encouraged this morning. What a special gal you must be!

    btw Found you through Kate's and actually know your mom-in-law from growing up in slo. :)