Monday, December 10, 2012

Graduation Weekend

Well, the man is "done".  I say "done" because it's mostly true.  He presented his thesis/final project on Friday and did  Seriously, I'm not just saying this because I'm his wife.  I was totally impressed with his clarity, intellectualism, and word choice.  He is a TEACHER to the core and it came out in his thesis presentation.  He is super close to being done with his paper.  His adviser is editing it one last time and once that's turned in he's done done for real.  :)

So, I know a lot of Jason's classmates...but I got to meet a lot more of his colleagues who teach with him and also his superiors.  You know, as wives we know our husbands are nice, and pretty swell...but I think it's really easy for us to forget how there can be others who respect and admire him too.  I had a ton of people of come up to me and tell me that Jason has integrity like none other, the gift of teaching, kindness, and etc.  One fellow classmate told me that Jason is the best, kindest person he has ever met.  First, what a testimony because Jason is openly a Christian.  And second, it made me think and reflect on the way in which I view him.  Sure, if you asked me what I think about Jason I would list off all those characteristics that other people see.  But, is it reflected in the every day?  Does HE know I view him the same way his colleagues, and classmates do?  Or does it get lost in the mundane, the nagging, the disappointment that he didn't do the dishes, and etc?  I need to be his biggest fan...and he needs to know it.  It was sweet to hear such kind words about my man though.  :)  Anyways, it was a great weekend to celebrate Jason's great accomplishment of an M.A. in English.

Anyways, enough blabbering.  Here are some pics from the weekend.  Enjoy!

The graduate and I...with his fakey diploma.  :)  The real one will come in the mail.
After they all presented we gathered for a reception.  This is the M.A. English (TESL) group for winter 2012.
The cake I made for the graduating class.  The theme was Navigating the Global Seas of English...or something like that.  His program was very international and so each flag represented a classmate's origin.  I must be honest though...this is my least favorite cake I've ever done.  It was a disaster in so many ways.  It took too long (till 4 am), the fondant was cracking like was sweating.  And in the end I didn't even love the way it looked.  Every one freaked out at the reception at how cool it was and it took every ounce of me not to say, "Well, thanks but I don't really love it, it's not my best."  I didn't want to be THAT person.  So I smiled and said "thank you".  Longest caption EVER.  :)
Jason's parents came into town and we took them to our favorite pastry shop...Thorough Bread.  Seriously, the BEST pastry shop in S.F.  Anyways, they had a Christmas tree completely made out of bread!  It was amazing! 

And there you have it.  Hope everyone had a marvelous weekend.  And can you believe that Christmas is in like 2 weeks!?!  Yay o yay.  I'm excited!  :)

**Oh and I announced my You Bake Me Happy Winner in the post below if you didn't notice.**  :)


  1. Ummm... your cake looks amazing! But I understand how you can see it w/ different eyes. But really, I'm impressed!

    And yay for Jason!

  2. Congrats to Jason {and you!} for making it through!