Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Deets

So...some details.

If you're all, "Details on what yo?"  Scroll to the post before this one.

Ah.  There.  Now you're filled in.


I'm moving towards 15 weeks here in a few days.

I was SICK SICK SICK from weeks 4-12.  I was some what sick weeks 13-14 with a couple of days here and there of relief.  I think I'm sorta feeling better now.  I still have good days and bad days.  I never once barfed though.  Praise the Lord on that since I lost weight for sure as it was.  I had little to no ability to eat and the nausea/headaches...unlike anything I've ever experienced.  On top of that...water was/still is nasty.  Yuck.  I've had this weird metallic/sour taste that fills my mouth 24/7...kinda like I've been sucking on a metal lamp post.  Drinking water.  Yeah.  LIQUID metal.  Yum yum.  For a while the only liquid I could drink was Gatorade.  Now, I'm transitioning to water.

If you didn't notice...we did wait a bit longer than average to spill the beans.

The reason...

This is not my 1st pregnancy.  This is my 2nd.  Over the summer we became pregnant (unintentionally).  It was a HUGE shock and took some getting used to.  Right around the time we started coming around to the idea though I had a miscarriage.  It was early...around 7-8 weeks or so...though the babe stopped growing at around 6 weeks apparently.  I was rocked by it. Before I didn't really understand why people become so sad from a  miscarriage (hello naive girl).  Especially when it's your first and you've never had a real life baby come as a result of your pregnancy. You know, it's really an abstract thing when you've never been pregnant before.  They TELL you there's a baby in there and yet...the concept is just...odd.  Or maybe that's just me.  So, yes, I, silly silly Anna, underestimated the power of carrying a child and losing it.  And although it was hard, and painful, and so very some strange way I feel blessed that my eyes have been opened to how foolish my thoughts were and how ridiculous I was to believe that losing the life of one of God's children wouldn't impact me.  That baby is in heaven and one day I will meet him/her.  And for now...I thank God that he was not satisfied with my foolishness and insensitivity but chose to reveal himself and truths to me through the loss of that little itsy bitsy life.

So, that's the reason why we waited.

Other random details:

I've had 2 sonos, and at my last appt. on Mon. we heard the heartbeat.  So awesome.

I get super nervous for each appointment.  I'm not a "fear the worst" person but I can be very realistic too.  But God has been so good and the little babe is doing well.

We find out the gender next month (yes, we're finding out).

 No cravings.  I'm just now kind of starting to like food again to be honest. 

I'm already poking out.  Which is funny.  I'm just used to being so darn thin.  And to have this belly...albeit a small one...yeah.  Cracks me up.

I maintained the gym up until week 8 and then I just couldn't take it any longer.  Too tired, too sick.  This week I started back up.  I will run and do the spin bike a few more weeks and then I will be cancelling the gym and heading to the pool a few blocks from my house.  I am NOT A SWIMMER.  It is my least favorite thing to do.  But I'm determined to exercise to the end.  I'll let ya know how that goes.  hehe.

And that's it!   :)  Baby E makes their debut mid June.

Of course I'd love prayer too.  God has given me GREAT and unbelievable peace this pregnancy.  I did NOT want to get pregnant again out of fear of another miscarriage but God had other plans apparently.  I have felt His great comfort and love surround me...and yet I still get moments of anxiety.  We would love prayer for more peace and also...of course...for a healthy, full term little babe.

Thanks everyone for the love and support.  Ya'lls the bestest.  <3


  1. Although I've never had a miscarriage myself, I have seen MANY friends go through it, and it is definitely not something to take lightly. So thankful you can see the bright spots of goodness that can only be given by the Lord. Praying for a healthy and safe journey for you!

    Oh, and I totally thought I would "work out 'til the end". Psshhh. I jogged up until 16 weeks with Mason's pregnancy and then stopped completely. Like, I did absolutely nothing. I would walk occasionally but that was IT. Sooooo tell me how that goes, mmmk? ;)

  2. I know Shannon, I know. I'm really going to TRY but I'm totally aware of the fact that it might not happen. ;) Maybe swimming is more realistic since later on it might be a relief to not FEEL the weight while in the pool. Or I'm trying to tell myself that anyways haha.

  3. I was most active with Bella. Summer I was so-so. This one? Well, it doesn't really help that I hadn't been exercising when I got pregnant and then ALL active things ceased when that dreadful, all-day sickness hit. I did have a SUPER active [military] friend down the street who ran approx. 6 miles every day, EVERY day with her pregnancy. Crazy nut.

  4. We are praying for you!!! I am so excited for you and the journey that you and Jason are on. It's such an exciting time. I pray that you will start feeling better and that you will feel peace through out the pregnancy.

    Funny that you don't like swimming, didn't we take a swimming class together??? ;). Enjoy your pregnancy, can't wait to see more pictures of your bump and of your baby.

  5. I was able to swim a lot when I was pregnant with Caroline, and it was FABULOUS. I actually did a water aerobics class for the last several months. I know it sounds a little ridiculous (like old ladies floating around in swim skirts), but it was actually a really good workout and it felt so good at the end to just be in the water. I'm sure you'll do great :)

  6. I'm gonna start getting in the pool too. I really want to crash an old lady aqua aerobics class. You should come with :P