Monday, December 3, 2012


4 days until Jason presents his thesis (not including today) :)

Then he turns in grades for his class, finishes the actual paper for his thesis a week later, and then we.are.done.  With grad school.  Forever.

It's funny because I'm imagining this lovely time come January where he's just teaching and having lots of spare time to hang out and do fun things.  Ha!  Double Ha Ha!

This last year he's been teaching along with going to school...but it's been one class.  Next semester he adds on two classes to that sched.  Two classes that he's never taught.  Classes like grammar.  I think he's totally freaked that he's going to be asked a grammar question that he doesn't know.  Apparently saying, "because it's sounds right" isn't a good enough answer.  Whatev.  :)

Anyways, I think he's going to be plenty busy still.  Oh well.  I can dream right? 

This last weekend I made 6 layers for the graduating M.A. English class cake and a bajillion cupcake toppers.  The cake layers are in the freezer all cold and cozy waiting to be assembled.  Did you know you could do that and it doesn't get dry? (Granted I use a fairly moist cake recipe).  Anyways, you can and I've found it to be a lifesaver when doing these crazy cakes I like to do...especially when you work full time and are running out of vacay time to take an extra day off and do the cake like you planned on.  Oops.  Thursday is going to be a loooooooong night. :)

Anyways, pics on the cake/cupcakes to come.  I'm envisioning great things.  We'll see how it ACTUALLY turns out. 

I have really long skinny toes.  I was just looking down at my feet trying to think what else to type.  I mean they're loooong.  My dad is all tall and lanky.  It's like I got his tall, lanky toes but nothing else.  Genetics.

Alright, Happy Monday all!

***Guess what's already here on Wednesday!  Yup!  You Bake Me Happy Wednesday! Yaaaay!***

But wait.  A blog post is always boring with out pictures so here's one to inspire greatness from you!

I stuffed my butt into this here recycling bin with my feet swinging leisurely in the air and my lovely co-worker took a pic for all to enjoy.  I swear I do things at work that are worthy of a paycheck.  Sometimes...  :)

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