Friday, November 30, 2012

Fall Fashion

Ok, I feel like a total dweeb with a title like that.

Especially since I totally did a whole post on how I've grown weary of the great focus placed on beauty and fashion.

But, yeah.
We'll just ignore the fact that I am a total hypocrite.
Great.  Glad we put that behind us.

So, I love Christmas shopping.  I just love giving gifts in general to be honest.  And I LOVE the surprise element.  Like I'm totally excited to see Jason open his gifts.  And I love the anticipation of opening something that I know Jason put a lot of thought into.

But this year.
I could only think of one thing that I wanted.
Seriously.  (I had to give a list to my in-laws and I had to really REALLY rack my brain.)
Anyways, I wanted tall camel color leather boots.

Problem is there's no way Jason can pick that out for me.  I had to shop for myself this year in other words.  Not quite so fun.  But the end result was lovely.  I love the boots I picked out.  And I'm pretty darn excited to open them on Christmas day even though I know what they are. 

I've noticed some "boot looks" that I'm rather fond of.
riding boots with leg warmers, can't wait for fall
Cute leggings and boots

I would totally rock these leggings with a pair of boots.  Too much?  :)

Boots and leggings.  Pretty sure I'm looking forward to this combo the most.  One word...comfy!

Dress with boots
K.  And I can't deny it.  I totally love this dress...though without the black two piece weirdness underneath.  I mean really?  A solid white slip thing would be just fine girly.  Hellooooo!  And my boots are way better and would look way cuter with this ensemble.

Alright.  I'm done. :)  Got my vanity out for the month. 

Have a great weekend! <3

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  1. I keep trying to find a pattern for those boot cuffs I keep seeing! I need to knit myself some! P.S. I love those boots. Don't we wear the same size?? Let's share...