Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Tid-Bits for a Tuesday

Well, Thanksgiving is over.  It's now back to a normal work week....which will seem absurdly long in comparison (working 2 1/2 day work weeks does that to you).

We were able to go down south for a whole day and a half for Thanksgiving.  It was short short short but it was mighty nice.  Lots of cooking and having a good ole' time.  Jason is about a week and a half from presenting his thesis and basically graduating.  Can you believe that!!!  I can't believe it's almost over.  I can't wait to celebrate and enjoy his accomplishment!  (I'm also making the cake/cupcakes for the "commencement" of his program.  I'm excited.)

So...what other things are happening?

-We are ramping up and becoming really busy....pretty much through Christmas.  We have Jason's graduation, work stuff for me, a Jiu-Jitsu tournament...where my hunk of a man will be competing, and yada yada.  Some how every weekend for the next 4 weeks is taken up by something.  Oh well.  Busy is good I guess.  :)

-We put up our tree.  It's lovely.  I accidentally bought some LED lights to add to the one's we already had.  We bought a bigger tree this year and needed to invest in another string of lights.  Um yeah.  LED is a no go for me.  I just missed the soft yellow-white lights of old.  So, the LED's are gone and my tree is full of the old fashioned energy consuming lights.  Oh well.

-You know that Jiu-Jitsu tournament I mentioned above.  Well, Jason wants to drop down to the next weight category.  This means he needs to lose about 6 or 7 lbs.  Not a big deal really since we do NOT watch what we eat at all.  I figure just cutting out most carbs and sticking to lean meats will do it (oh, and NO sweets).  This is hard for me though because I can't diet.  hmmm.  So, we end up with two versions of the same meal...I usually add butter and cheese to mine.  How can you go wrong with butter and cheese?  It's only for a few weeks.  :)

-Our truck passed smog!  Yay!  This may seem like a weird update but seriously folks...I was getting a little worried about Pickles (that's the truck's name).  Poor Pickles.  His check engine light was coming on and off and so I took him to the shop.  I had set aside $500 to get the truck all tuned up and running ship shape.  When they called me though I felt like he was telling me that grandpa is plain getting old and we just need to do what we can to make him comfortable until he goes.  You know...like keep the fluid levels high and etc.  They charged me $70 for a new temp sensor and said there was nothing else they could do.  Really?  Pickles is DYING?  Sure it's old, misfires, and leaks oil but dang nabbit it's a good truck and there ain't nobody who can tell me otherwise.  Poor Pickles.  Anyways, we were able to get it to pass smog and so it will drive legally 2 more years.  So THERE!

-I just ate my weight in chips and salsa and kinda feel like I need to puke.


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