Wednesday, November 7, 2012

You Bake Me Happy Wednesday: November

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Oh my!  Already???  Where in sam hill did this month go?


If you're new here, YBMHW is the first Wednesday of the month where I, me, myself, yours truly, bakes you something delish and sends it to you in the mail...for free!  Out of the goodness of my sweet, kind, pure heart (ha!).

Wanna know the reasoning behind this madness???  Well, how boutchya read The Full Story behind You Bake Me Happy Wednesday!

The sum of it is...I LOVE to bake.  I LOVE to give people my baked goods.  I mean really, is there anything better than a homemade, from scratch, little morsel of goodness that didn't involve you stirring a spoon or turning on your own oven?  I.think.not.  Thus, I bake for you and mail it to your lovely house for you to eat and fill your belly.  yum.

So, here are the details...

I usually pick a theme for you to choose cookies, bread, etc.  I though cannot think of what to do for November (I already know what's goin' down in December)  So, let's get a little funky crazy around these parts.  Hold on to your hats, you ready for this?

November is.... A WILD CARD!  Yep.  You got it.  If you want it and you think I can ship it then  Bars, cookies, breads, anything...yum yum yum.  (I will exclude the shipping of cakes and pies right here and now for those of you who think I have super powers...I don't.  I'm just a normal gal).  :)

And if I pick your name (very randomly of course) I will mail you said treat (so you better pick wisely).  For example: Say my name is Tootsie and I left a comment saying that I would love chocolate chip peanut butter cookie bars to show up on my doorstep.  If I choose Tootsie, then I will mail her said cookie bar treat.  Understand?  Bien!.

The little drawing ends Sat at noon!  So comment before then.  Sat evening I'll let ya know who the lucky winner is!


So, what yummy, sugary (or maybe not so sugary), delish (mailable) treat would YOU want to magically appear on your doorstep???  Ready.Set.Go!

If you won last month than unfortunately you can't enter this month...I know, I know.  But have no fear!  You are free to participate in the months after.  We just won't have any "two in a row" action.  Otherwise...go for it!  :)

Side Note:  I have no idea if there even ARE readers that I personally don't know reading this but if there are you are included in this too.  Yes, I will mail free baked goods to a complete stranger.  Don't be shy.  So long as you promise not to sue me for food poisoning.  Not that I've ever given anyone food poisoning...haha.  Ok, yeah.  Side not done. 


  1. Hmmm glad for another you bake me happy wednesday! This prego mama would LOVE some brownies. Not just any ol' brownie though, the kind with chocolate chips in them and extra dark, maybe some toffee pieces too...but that's it! That would be delicious.

  2. Honestly, Anna, I would love anything sweet!! Cookies, breads, strudels, breakfasty or desserty, anything. I think I mostly like a surprise!! :) Anything homemade these days is a delight since we are pretty stressed around these here parts! :(

  3. Peanut Butter Blossom cookies... MMmmmMMmmmMMmmm

  4. I'd choose some breakfast pastry, easy to grab when Bailey is awake. Something sticky sweet with cheese inside (a la the cheese danish from starbucks). Yummy!

  5. I feel a little guilty entering again since I've already won one, but feel free to pass me over if need be. :) Hmmm... I think I'd love a triple layer cake with raspberry filling. Or some delicious rice crispy bars with chocolate on top. :)

  6. Nothing beats a delicious chewy and fluffy chocolate chip cookie! I love this idea! I have been trying to randomly surprise my friends and neighbors with goodies lately too ;)

  7. Pumpkin chocolate chip bread. P.S. LONG time no see!

  8. Being a baker, and loving to go out of boundaries, I have always wanted to make these but haven't had the time: homemade (reece's) peanut butter cups!! And, regardless of winning, I think we should be bakery pen pals. =)

  9. Ok, I felt like too much of a stalker the last 2 months so I didn't enter, but now I'm gonna. Wow, I'm not gonna lie, Jenny's super simple rice crispy treat suggestion is sounding pretty amazing. We just did pumpkin cookies, otherwise that would have been on the list.'m gonna say - well, I really can't decide! A muffin of some sort? Or something with peanut butter...sweet? savory? (babbling)...I'm obviously not much help! Then again, I'd love to taste your preferred chocolate chip recipe since thats one of our favorites, so if you choose me, I'll go with that...or anything else, really, as long as it doesn't have banana in it!

  10. Ohhh, fun! Ummmmm, the first thing that came to mind was peanut butter bars!

  11. I think some kind of sweet coffee cake without nuts sounds delightful! With crunchy struselly stuff on the top!

  12. hmmmm, a cookie! well, cookies please :) I would like more than one :) Something with chocolate in it, a basic chocolate chip cookie would be good, or something more elaborate if you so desire :)

  13. I think chocolate-dipped shortbread cookies arriving in the mail would be dreamy! But, to give your creative juices a choice anything chocolate would be much appreciated. The more chocolatey the better. Just so long as it isn't mixed with fruit - me no likey my chocolate contaminated by fruit! :-) Debbi

  14. Hi my name is Kellie, and I would love something cranberry orange, like scones or a bread that would go well with tea :)thank you!

  15. Chocolate chip cookies. Yep, nothing beats them. And I bet yours would be super yummy!