Monday, June 3, 2013

38 Weeks

So is this the home stretch?

I sure hope it is :).  I mean either way I probably have a max of what...worst case scenario, 3-4 weeks left?  Considering it's been 38 weeks I think I can handle that!  I hope it's less.  Because a) We just want to meet this little homie who I've been carrying around with me for the last 9 months, and b) I'm getting borderline uncomfortable.  I'm actually not as uncomfortable at I thought I'd be though at this point.  Baby boy is LOW which might be why I feel some what okay.  I felt more uncomfortable a month ago when he was using my ribs cage to kick/push against.  Anyways, on to the updates.

-Had my appointment last Thursday and I'm starting to dilate and 50% effaced.  The doc pretty much felt the head of junior when she was checking me and commented on how crazy low he was.  I was just looking in the mirror that very morning thinking how much lower my belly looked.  And sitting is awkward unless I sit with my legs spread eagle...highly lady like. ha. suspicions were confirmed.  :)
-31 lbs gained so far.
-I've had some contraction like pain but nothing crazy.  Last Thursday after work was probably the worst.  Each time it's in my back.  Should I be afraid?  Are we looking at back labor here?  ;) Uh oh.  Last night I kept having dreams about starting labor.  I was waking up over and over with tightening buuuuuut....I feel like a champ this morning.  Ah well.  :)
-My appetite is just shot.  Honestly...I think I felt actually legitimately hungry for about 2 months of this pregnancy.  Other then that food has just been...meh.  And yet I have 31 lbs to claim as my own???  :)
-Starting to pack a hospital bag.  Which is weird.  Because it makes it feel real.  In reality though I'm just going to pack it when labor starts haha.  'Cause that's how I roll.  But I'm starting to buy the few items that I want to put IN to the hospital bag that I don't have.  So there you go, I'm not a total slacker. :)
-Finished baby boy's quilt.  AND with 2 weeks to spare!  Boo yah.  Now THAT is an accomplishment  I tried out a couple of techniques that in the end I was really pleased with.  For one...I machine quilted it on my basic little Singer...with out a walking foot (which I don't recommend that part).  EVERY store was out of walking foots and I just wanted to be done soooooo...I went for it and worked (with a couple of minor flaws).  You just have to be really exact on the speed at which you pull the quilt through.  I also did the binding using THIS LADY'S technique and I will definitely be doing any future quilts in the same way.  It turned out well.   :)

Anyways, I guess that's it.  I'm off to enjoy my first day of maternity leave...where I go get my FIRST EVER pedicure and go into work from 1-5:30.  Say what?  I know, I know.  You're supposed to NOT work on maternity leave.  They haven't found a replacement for me and I'm going into town anyways and yeah...I promise...just today.  ;)

I'm done!


  1. Almost there Anna!! AHhh can't believe your about to meet him! Is it weird I'm excited for you?

  2. So excited to "meet" your little man! Enjoy your last moments of being a twosome!

  3. This looks amazing! Thanks for the binding tutorial also, it explains it really well. I might have to try a blanket/quilt again after all. I think you are going to deliver early btw! Just an uneducated guess though.

  4. Seriously loving that quilt Anna. You are so talented :)

  5. Thanks Shannon and Christy. You're so nice. The picture hides the flaws haha. Seriously, I wish I was more of a perfectionist buuuuut....I'm not. And it's a baby quilt. Hopefully it will be well who cares about the flaws :) And yes, Ana and Mallory...we're excited to meet the little guy too. Feels so close...and yet like it'll never REALLY happen all at the same time. :)