Thursday, May 30, 2013

10 Happy Things

10 Things that are making me happy right now...

10. This amazing sunshiny weather.  It's been overcast/rainy the last week and so this sun is a makin' me happy.
9. Coming home yesterday with the knowledge that I had a HUGE pile of dishes to do...only to find out that my husband left work early and beat me to them.  LOVE him.
8. Tomorrow being my last day before maternity leave (though I might do some part-time work next week).
7. Scoring some totally adorable baby clothes at Baby Gap.  I have yet to buy any clothes until now but I just couldn't resist $0.97 pants and such. :)
6. My quilt is SOOOOO close to being done.  It's quilted and ready for the binding.  I'm digging the way it's turned out.
5. The yellow daisies I have in my new turquoise Ball mason jars.  So happy.
4. 2 weeks until my due date (realizing that he may come later of course).
3. An appointment today that told me labor is starting to progress.  I guess all that back pain as of late has a purpose.
2. Our garden!  Seriously, I'm in love with it.  It's so pretty.  Full of flowers, strawberries, snap peas, spinach, bell peppers, lettuce and more.  I love being out there, watering it, and tending to it.  Granted, this belly makes it a little more interesting but I find it odd how motivated I've been this year while pregnant and yet last sorta ended up falling by the way side.  Maybe it's the whole "cultivating life" thing that's going on within me.  Makes me want to cultivate life in other things too.  :)
1. Life in general and my sweet Lord.  I feel very blessed as of late.  I have a great family, a seriously amazing husband, a baby on the way...and a Jesus who died for me.  Can't get much better then that eh?

Happy Thursday

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