Friday, May 17, 2013

Week in Review

  • It's Friday!  Hey now!  It's been a while since I've done the "Week in Review" thing.  So, here I go.  Let's do this thang.
  • Random story.  I got a bagel and cream cheese at the bagel place across from my work.  I was looking at my bagel and noticed something that looked oddly "blood like" smeared on my bagel.  I thought, "Oh heck no that better not be blood..." and then figured it was most likely something like strawberry jam or what not.  I tore that part off though just in case and went to take another bite...when I saw what was definitely blood smeared on one of my fingers.  What the heck?  I could not figure out where it was coming from.  Did the bagel guy cut himself while cutting my bagel (SICCCK!), was it me who was bleeding?  I told my coworker and she then enlightened me to the fact that my lip was full on bleeding.  Yeah, I cut my lip on a BAGEL!  I have no idea how I accomplished such a thing but I was relieved to find out I was ingesting my own blood and not someone else's (shudder).
  • So....we still haven't found a car.  We were sooooo close.  It was a nice car, right price range (though it was a bit more then I wanted to pay), but we sat on it a day too long and someone bought it before us.  I've kinda come to the point that I don't really care anymore.  We'll find one eventually but I don't want to buy one to just buy one.  Honestly one of our parents can drive us home from the hospital and we do have the truck....we just don't ALL fit in the truck at the same time.  So whatev dude.  Whatev. (This is what scanning Craigslist for the last month with no luck does to you if you can't tell).  :)
  • Remember how we got a "score" on Craigslist with our crib?  Yeah...  So, apparently the crib is possibly missing a piece which may or may not compromise the thing (it still seems solid to me).  Jason was trying to figure out how to assemble the crib and so called the manufacturer number.  They informed him that the crib was a 1993 model.  For real.  It's over 20 years old.  A) It seriously doesn't look that old.  B) The woman made it sound like she bought the crib for her kids new...and her kids were like 3 and 4 years old.  This is obviously NOT the case.  It was some sort of hand-me-down or something for her.  The lady at the company recommended that we not use it.  Jason went ahead and assembled it anyways just to look at it.  It's really not in bad shape and I feel mostly comfortable using it.  Jason though wants to glue the whole thing together as a precaution if we do use it, haha.  In reality though he wants to get rid of it and get a new one.  *Sigh*  The cheap side of me says, no way dude.  But I don't feel totally comfortable using it either.  If we glue the whole thing together it will no longer fit through the door so we would have to break it apart to get it out of the house thus not being usable for any future children and requiring us to buy a new crib anyways in the future.  PHEW.  That was a wordy bullet.  So...I think we are going to buy a new crib.  Anyone ever buy one from Ikea or Target?  We are looking to spend less then $200.  Closer to $100 would be nice. ;)
  • So I've blogged a tiny bit about facial products/makeup I like and I just have to tell you about my cleaning regimen I've come across.  So I have super crappy skin.  I used to be prone to breakouts.  Fortunately that stage of my life is over (I hope) but I'm still left with this crazy combination skin where it's super oily in some parts and so dry it literally flakes in other areas.  Yuck.  I have spent maybe 10 years looking for a facial cleanser that works and well...nothing really has.  It's all just okay.  I ventured into Sephora about 5 months ago and decided to break down and try something a little more expensive.  I decided to give the Philosophy line a whirl.  I bought the mini bottle of Purity cleanser (since they had it...I wanted to try it before dropping more money) and the regular size bottle of the Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash (they didn't have the small travel size).  Oh my gosh.  I'm so impressed.  It's been 5 months and my skin feels like buttah.  Buttah I tell you.  At the end of the day I'm not oily and I don't have big dry patches anymore.  My skin usually "gets used to" a product and goes back to the way it was.  Not this time!  I use the Purity cleanser at night and the exfoliating wash in the morning.  I'm in love.  Seriously.  And though it's a bit more pricey it actually lasts a really long time so in the's probably not much more then other drugstore face washes.  Aaaaaaand yeah.  Just thought I'd share.  :)

Ok that was the wordiest bullet post evuh!  Glad you made it this far.  Or maybe you didn't.  ;)  Either way!  Happy weekend!


  1. We bought a crib from IKEA and I love it's smallness and how it just is very simple. Cribs are such a weird thing, b/c it's one of those things that people can sue the company if their baby dies, but in reality, what are the chances that it's the crib's fault (if anyone's?)? But, ya, there's all these rules and regulations. Anyway, we like our IKEA crib.

    And thanks for the facewash tip. I might have to try it out!!

  2. I was wondering about your crib. Better to be safe than worry about it once your little man arrives.

    I'm glad you were eating your own blood...well...glad it wasn't someone else's!

  3. I would get a new crib. Ikea or Target are both great. I have a friend who has a crib that has been passed down. I didn't know it and we put Allison in it. Turns out its a drop side crib (a huge no-no) and it wasn't put together properly. With allison in it, it broke and we didn't even realize it until I went to get her. Just better to be safe then sorry :).