Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Random Thoughts

I feel like my posts as of late have had little to no cohesiveness.  I'm just tired people.  My brain is sorta lagging for sure.  I find it really hard to maintain a thought.  I feel like I really have no excuse too.  I hear about how people who are pregnant waking up 5-6 times a night to go to the bathroom but I totally don't.  I've got my water drinking down to a science.  I drink about 3 Nalgenes a day and pee all the live long least every hour.  Once I get home though I have a glass of water with dinner and that's it.  I go to bed between 10 and 11pm...go to the bathroom right before I hit the hay.  I get up once at about 2 or 3am and then again about 6-7am which is when I wake up on week days for work anyways.  Boo yah.  So NOW you know my urinating're welcome.  :)

Anyways, I told you all of that to let you know that I get plenty of sleep every night and really have no excuse when it comes to being tired.  So there.

I just received my Timbuk2/diaper bag.  I went with the grey herringbone.  I seriously LOVE it.  They also randomly had a 20% off sale that I happened to run into.  Oh yay!  Very exciting.  :)  I love getting something you were already planning on buying at an even cheaper price.

We also have a shipment of Bumgenius diapers coming.  This will complete our diaper needs.  My parents bought most of our stash which was amazing.  On they have a deal where you get 6 diapers for like $ shipping and no tax.  Yes!  That's like just over $14/diaper.  Good deal.  It least right now...that Jason will prefer using the pocket diapers.  Since he will have the little guy 2/days a week I want to make it as easy for him as possible. 

And this concludes my random, rambling post. 

Oh wait, one more thing.  So yesterday I woke every morning :).  Every morning though I lie in bed until I feel the little tyke give me a couple of kicks.  He does this  This particular morning though...nothing.  I rolled from side to side, rubbed my belly, pushed on my belly...did everything that usually makes him move.  NOTHING!  So I got up, took a shower, continued to try to make him move...nothing.  Then I started to sorta freak out.  Your mind just goes crazy.  "What's wrong?  He always moves?  Why isn't he moving?  Is he okay?  Oh my gosh I can't breath."  You know, that type of thing.  No big deal.  Ugh.  Then as I'm drying off he kicks me a couple of times.  Thank you Lord.  Wow.  Then I feel totally dumb, realize how little faith I have and yeah.  I explain all this to Jason after my shower and he looks at me and says, "Leave my little guy alone, he's just trying to get some sleep."  Sheesh.  No sympathy.  I think HE should carry this baby around and be aware of his every move/or lack of for a while.  See how it works out for HIM!  :)  hahaha.  And that's the lastest.

Now I'm really done. 
Happy Wednesday.

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  1. Ok...I totally freak out (and have to reel myself in) when I don't feel kicks when I'm expecting them. And, my guy isn't very responsive to poking, vibrating (cell phone) or even flashlight - when he's out, he's out! I hope that means he will be a good napper. :) My husband tells me the same thing though! haha. Thanks for all your posts - love them!