Monday, May 6, 2013

34 Weeks

I was doing my baby updates every month or so.

But since we're winding down...starting to get towards the end I thought I would TRY to do an update every week.  We'll see how that goes.  :)

So, I'm just over 34/35 weeks.  Depending on what due date you are going by.  Since I plan to be "that woman" who's totally overdue and going for 4 mile daily walks in hopes of eluding being induced I'm sticking with the original due date.  So 34 weeks it is.

What's new in baby land?

I saw my doctor Friday.  Everything is measuring on track and good.  She's pretty sure he's head down...which I agree.  I've been feeling a whole lot more pressure and what not down south.  :)  I also feel like he's not as high as he once was.  All the kicks are more in the middle rather then in my rib cage...a nice change.  We'll be doing an ultrasound in 2 weeks just to double check he's where he needs to be. 

So...I gained 4 lbs.  In TWO weeks.  I was completely fine with my weight gain until this last appt.  I've been totally on par with what's normal for weight gain...and then I gained 2 lbs per week...instead of 1 lb/week.  The weird thing about it is I've had really no appetite and feel like I haven't increased my food consumption at all.  So where did it come from???  Weird.  Hopefully this isn't the new normal haha.  Oh well, it is what it is eh?

I think it's slowly becoming a bit more real that this baby within me will be coming OUT.  Jason is definitely starting to get excited and told me a couple of days ago, "I want my baby."  I told him he's not ready to come out and he'll have to wait a bit longer.  :)  He's going to be such a good daddy.  Sorta makes me smile...just a little. :)  The realization of birth is starting to become a bit more real for ME.  I was telling Jason that I'm scared I can't do it.  Like what if I can't handle it?  It's going to be intense...for the both of us.  Like nothing we've ever experienced.  Crazy stuff.  Good thing we have a bit more time to wrap our minds around it (as if time is REALLY going to prepare me for what's to come.  I say "ha" to that.  A Double "Ha! Ha!")

I FINALLY started to clear out the spare room.  Maybe I'm finally starting to nest?  It think so :)  I washed a lot of our diapers, some clothes and blankets and there is ACTUALLY a place for the crib now.  Amazing I tell ya! :)  Jason will set it up during his break coming up.  Oh yay!  Oh...and I'm almost done with his little quilt.  Pictures of that to come.  I'm hoping to finish this weekend.

Well, I guess that's all for now.  Getting excited to meet our baby boy.  :)
34 Weeks


  1. Ahh... it really is the best thing ever seeing your husband transform into a Dad. I will never forget the way Trav completely took over once Bella was out of my womb. He was head-over-heels and I loved watching every minute. I'm sure Jason will be the same way. I almost think Trav's more anxious to meet this baby than I am! He probably talks more to the belly than to me! :-D

  2. So excited to "meet" your little one!

  3. Such a cute belly! You should do a post on all your favorite baby items you received. :D