Tuesday, April 30, 2013

For the Love of Random

So, with about 5-6 weeks before this kid makes his grand debut we are starting to slowly pick away at the last few things that we need.  First, I am happy to say that almost everything we have fits into the one changing table/dresser combination thing.  We really worked hard to shop for space saving things.  I'm also trying to be conscientious of need vs. want.  Jason and I have made a huge effort to separate these two things...denying ourselves of a lot of wants because A) we didn't have the money with him in grad school and B) we just don't NEED to buy everything we want...even if it's cheap (Jason is WAAAAY better at this then me haha).  We would like to teach our little mister this...but also practically speaking our house is too small to go baby crazy with products. 

For extra products outside of clothes, diapers, and things for his general care we decided to get a foldable swing...that fits under his crib, a pac and play type thing to take with us when we go home
and travel, a breast pump, a foldable PUJ bathtub that hangs on the side of his changing table/dresser, a Moby and an Ergo (probably didn't need both of these though...but Jason won't do the Moby and once the booger gets bigger I think the Ergo will be our go-to) and a BOB stroller.  Aside from a few toys and books that were gifts that's the extent of our baby stuff.  And I'm quite content.  The only thing I can foresee us needing in the future is some sort of mat or rug thing for the baby to lie on since our whole house it tile...but that can wait. :)

Anyways, one of the things I think I would like is a Boppy.  It seems like a good idea but let.me.pick.my.chin.off.the.floor.  It's 30 freaking dollars???  For a pillow?  You have got to be kidding me.

So, here is my idea.  What if I took a waterproof Boppy cover for $10 on amazon and stuffed it super full of stuffing (that I already have).  Do you think it would work?  Since the cover is water resistant it will rid myself of the need to wash the pillow in the washer...and I have plenty of fabric to make my own cover.  Am I being too cheap?  Should I just break down and buy the dumb $30 pillow?   :) What do you think?

On a totally different note I've come across a few blogs/charities on accident about still birth and can I just say...freak.out.  Break my heart.  I don't know why I never thought of this before but holy cow that's scary and totally not something I want to think about.  Sometimes the internet and over exposure totally sucks.  Good grief.  Sorry, that was a downer moment but just thought I'd let you know the extent to which I worry sometimes over this pip squeak.  Darn child.  :)

Anyways, Jason was wanting to go backpacking not this weekend but next weekend.  He thought there was cell service but it looks like there may not be.  He would be gone for about 2 1/2 days.  He now doesn't want to go because he's terrified I'll go into labor and yet I WANT him to go because being that it's 4 weeks before my due date I don't foresee me popping a baby out anytime soon.  I mean, doesn't your body give you warning signs or something that birth is coming?  Do you just wake up and out of the blue have the baby?  What do you think?  4 weeks before due date too soon or should he go for it?  I have an appt. this Friday and thought I'd ask my doc.

Phew.  Well, that concludes my rather random post!  Happy Tuesday everyone! :)


  1. Hello my niece! Unless you've had some issues I think Jason is safe leaving 4 weeks out. When I was as far long as you, Warren left for over a week to go to Ft. Benning for Jump School. We didn't have cell phones then, you know. I arranged with several different co-workers an alert system where one of them would take me to the hospital. At least one was very disappointed that he never got "the call"!

  2. There have been no signs of preterm labor...so yeah. I'm not even 100 % convinced he'd head down yet. I feel like he's still managing to flip around and around. Could be wrong though...guess we'll see at my next appt. :)

  3. My husband's gone for the week, so if we go into labor, let us be husbandless together!!! I say, go for it. You're still 5-6 weeks out and I think that's pretty safe.

    As for the bobby, could you find like a Craiglist one and then just buy a new cover? I don't know about the whole stuffing thing. I suppose it could work... but, pillows just seem firmer than stuffing. But, ya, I'd look at Craigslist first.

  4. Get a boppy. We used it for everything. She did her tummy time on it, she napped on it and it helped me hold her up when my arms got tired. :).