Friday, April 12, 2013

Week in Review

  •  Ok, so I would love to incorporate some Instagram photos into this "weekly review" but I can't figure out how to do it.  I asked my dear friend Jenny how she does it but when I email my photos it just gives me a link to the actual photo on Instagram.  Boo.  Any ideas?  I tried looking it up online but didn't find much....oh snap.  I just figured it out!  haha.  Nice. 
  • Note:  Aaaaaaaand yeah, judging now from what I see on the posted post...the pics did NOT work.  haha.  Oh well.  I give up.  :)
  • So I maaaaaaay be totally insane and possibly agreed to doing a cake next month.  I mean it's a month before I'm due.  Not so bad right?  I'm trying to tell myself this.  Jason is slightly worried for me.  hehe.  I'm going to plan the cake strategically though.  Nothing too crazy and yet still cool looking.  That's the plan anyways.  :)
  • As you are reading this we are probably on the road.  Escaping San Francisco.  A four day weekend in SLO.  I'm a little excited.
  • IMG_20130410_135655.jpg
    Lunch outside.  Not sure why the pic is so blurry.
    And yes, I was there 20 minutes and got a sunburn.  Don't judge.
  • The weather.  Oh the weather.  It's been glorious.  So warm and delicious.  I love it.  The forecast for down south is projected to be lovely also.  Oh yay.
  • Shopping for dandelions :)
  • Over the weekend I posted this pic below on know, of us buying dandelions from the farmers market.  We also bought stinging nettle.  Yeah...for real.  Let me say was 100% Jason's idea and desire.  He's getting more and more into natural medicine and things like that.  I'm not dabbling much in it at this time because of the babe with in me but I did take a swig of his nettle tea and let me say...not bad.  The dandelion salad though....not so good.  As Jason said it, "It tastes like the clippings from the weed whacker".  That's because they ARE the clippings from the weed whacker. :)
  •  We got our first baby gift in the mail last weekend.  A Baby Ergo!!!  So exciting.  It made this whole baby thing feel extra real.  Jason wanted me to buy a large squash at the grocery store so that he could practice with it in the Ergo.  hahaha.  I also started putting it on and adjusting it until I realized...oh wait...I won't have this big ole' belly when I'm carrying the kid.  Oh yeah.  :)
  • This Tuesday is my last appt before I start going to the doc every 2 weeks.  Yikes.  It's all going by so fast.
  • We got some new neighbors.  We had partying frat boy neighbors before. Nice ones.  But frat boys none the less.  They moved out and we got a couple from Massachusetts.  They are pregnant also...she's due in May.  After we met them I said to Jason, "Now that's the difference between a tall woman with a long torso and a short woman with a short torso carrying a baby."  I'm a month behind her and my bump was definitely bigger, haha.  Oh well.  :) 
  • Welp that's all!  Have a great weekend friends!!! <3

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