Thursday, April 25, 2013

Happy Birthday to Yoooouu!

Happy 31st birthday to my baby daddy!

Side Note:  Okay so maybe he's not my baby daddy since says the definition of baby daddy is:

01. A guy who isn't your boyfriend, or your husband, or even really your friend, but happens to be the father of your child.

02. Your boyfriend/husband, who you have a child with, but who ran out, or doesn't come by, or never pays for what the baby needs, so you don't want to call him a husband/boyfriend/father.

03. Can also be used negatively, to insult the supposed father of your child.
Ex 1. There go my Baby Daddy. I sho' was drunk that night. What's his name again?

Ex 2. He ain't no kind of husband, he just my Baby Daddy. 

Ex 3. You ain't even my Baby Daddy! It's Jeromes! What do you think about that?

And there you go.  A lesson on the use of baby daddy.  Bet you had NO idea that was're welcome.

Any.ways....back to my very RELIABLE, very PRESENT baby daddy.  You are pretty much...well, okay you are DEFINITELY my most favorite person on this garsh darn planet.  I guess that's good because I'm pretty much stuck with you for the rest of my life...or the rest of yours...who ever goes first.  Hopefully you go first.  Because you aren't a very good cook and I think you'd starve without me.  Maybe we can die together in our sleep, side by side in bed holding hands when we're true soul mate fashion.  I think that's the perfect plan.

Anyways, you make my heart happy Jason Paul.  Love you now and forever.  Happy Birthday!!!!

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  1. Hahaha!! This made me laugh out loud on several accounts. Which then made Bella ask, "What is so funny?" and come running over to see what was humoring me. She saw the picture of Jason and said, "THAT guy is funny???"

    Anyway, Happy birthday to Jason!!