Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Diaper Bag


So, I'm trying to pick out my diaper bag yo.

Kinda fun. 

It's basically going to be my purse also.  If you know me at all in real life you know I don't do purses.  I do bags.  :)  What's the diff?  Well, I have a particular love for Timbuk2 bags.  I've bragged about how awesome they are on here more then once.  And NOW...we live in San Francisco...the home of Timbuk2.  Together Jason and I own 4 Timbuk2 bags...and we're going to make it 5.  With the addition of my diaper bag!  Hollah!

So, with Timbuk2 you get to design your own bag if you so desire.

And guess what...I so do desire.

So, here is what I've come with so far.  I've decided to go with the Cargo Tote with the added cross body shoulder strap.  We normally use messengers but I didn't want the velcro sound from opening it interfering with a possible sleeping baby (I felt really proud of myself for realizing that possible problem...booyah!)  This one has a bottle holder in the inside...for me or the babe :), and plenty of pockets.  I also wanted to get something that Jason wouldn't feel awkward toting around town if he had too...esp. since he'll have Baby Mr. two days a week.

Here are some designs I've come up with so far.  Whatchya think?  What's your fave?

We have an all grey herringbone with a teal logo.  Not bad, not bad.
A little more fun and spunky.  Black, teal, and dots.  Jason might not be as keen on this one...but it's not pink or flowery. :) 
It's a little hard to tell the difference between this one and the 1st one but this is a "textured grey" rather then the "herringbone".  It does have a little pink on it...sorta.  :)
And this is probably Jas's fave.  Black on each side, textured grey in the middle, with a neon emblem.  Not my fave but I could sport it no doubt. 

And there we go.  What do you think?  Which one would you choose?  I've looked at other bags...including the Pettunia Picklebottom ones.  They're nice but they're expensive and just a little too...not sure.  Girly?  I think Jason would cringe if he had to use it too, haha.  Is there a diaper bag that you loved?

Anyways, Happy Wednesday ya'll!


  1. I have a petunia pickle bottom (it's actually my second one, got the bigger Abundance line this time) and I LOVE it! Kyle is okay carrying it too, he likes that is has backpack straps... Of your options I like the first one best, simple, streamlined, all one color/pattern...

  2. I like the first one too!

    I probably wouldn't buy the same diaper bag that we have now if I had the chance... I'll have to check these out next time!

  3. LOVE the first one. Don't know why, I just do. Your design style is awesome btw.
    So if I had to register or buy a bag all over again (I might be requesting a ness bag for mothers day) I wouldn't choose the one I have now, I have a skip-hop bag that I also use as a purse. While I love it, I would choose a black one instead, the one I choose can see dirty really badly. Ick.
    I came across NESS bags (google it) and have fallen in love with them. While they are pricey, like petunia, I feel like they are more practical and durable for the wear and tear of baby use and toting around a whole bunch of crap. Plus they have a bag named 'Eli'...couldn't help myself.
    I tried petunia, but I just didn't like them. They are far too girly for me and Josh wouldn't be caught dead with it.