Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Untitled Nonsense

I'm running out of things to post about ya'll.
For real.

I feel like the only thing I can think to blog about is this here little one that's sucking the life out of me errr I mean, growing delicately and lovingly within me.

Is that okay if I talk about that?
Does that get boring?

I can't remember if I found it entertaining to read about pregnancy related stuff when I wasn't pregnant or if I thought, "Blah blah blah, yeah yeah yeah, having a baby is a miracle PLEASE talk about something else."  Seriously, I can't remember.  I can't remember much of anything lately.  Like what did I have for dinner last night?  Don't know.  I DO know I had cupcakes from the box.  The funfetti ones WITH vanilla rainbow chip frosting (from the can mind you).  This healthy, whole foods eater should be saying, "SICK!  How could you EAT that chemical filled crap they try to call "food"...and for that matter expose your growing child within you to it?"  But that's when I kick that healthy eater in the shins, and tell her to shut her trap and quit judgin'.  Yeah, I fight/have conversations with myself often.  Madness I tell you.  Madness.

So, remember when I was all tootin' my own horn, "Oh, I sleep pretty good and don't wake up to use the bathroom too often."  Yeah.  Jinxed myself for sure.  I have NOT been sleeping well.  Bathroom trips are now 2 x's a night...which isn't so bad.  But I wake up a bajillion times a night now.  Mostly with hip and belly pain.  I can only sleep on one side for so long before it feels like all the muscles on that one side are about to rip in half.  Lovely.  Soreness galore!  I'm a shining beacon of sunshine at work now a days...let me tell you!

Speaking of work.  11 works days until I peace out for maternity leave.  Crazy pants.  They still haven't found a replacement for me yet...though I think they're close.  Which means I don't have much time to train her.  Which means if this baby hasn't popped out of me I may feel guilty and stay on a few extra days.  Maybe.  Of course if I keep this lack of sleep up they may just say, "Oh, it's okay, we'd rather have the new employee be helpless and UNtrained then have your sorry, cranky self hanging around."  Ah well.  I don't blame them. :)

All this to say.  Despite what it appears...I'm still a fan of pregnancy.  It really has been easy for me and I feel very blessed.  So thank you Lord for an easy pregnancy...may I have an easy birth too?  ;)

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