Saturday, December 21, 2013

6 Months

So hard to get a non-blurry shot!!!
Our booger is 1/2 a year old.

I've said it once and I will say it again...and again...AND AGAIN!  Oh my golly where o where is the time going?!?  It is just flying by.

So, let's do a little 6 month update on our little Jacko-boy.

This last month Jack...

Visiting grandpa's plane
  • is now sitting up all on his own
  • with the onset of sitting up we have just recently retired the baby bathtub and he's rockin' his baths in the big boy tub.  So fun!  He LOVES to splash like a mad man.  Cuteness galore.
  • is like days from crawling (or so it seems).  He's up on his hands and knees and rocks back and forth...he keeps trying to go forward but manages to go backwards instead usually.  We are now in a serious organizing/purge mode because there are far too many things for a little baby to get into. :)
  • We started solids!  He loves his cereal and his applesauce so far!  :)
  • is officially unswaddled!  And sleeping in his crib!  F-I-N-A-L-L-Y!
  • we are still working on the random wake-ups through out the night, ahem.  Really, he just does it an hour or so after we put him down and then won't go back to sleep for like an hour.  After our Christmas vacation we will be laying the smack down.  haha.
  • the boy is in a serious Momma phase and I must say...I sorta love it.
  • he was freely giving kisses to both me and Jason and all of a sudden he will only kiss me.  We try to coax him to kiss Daddy but nope...little stinker!
  • Jack's first Christmas is coming up and I'm so excited.  I guess that's not really a 6 month update know.  :)
  • He plays.  Like really plays with toys.  Super fun!
escape artist...he got his legs out of his PJ's

    Mastered scooting backwards--so I find him under furniture haha

    Cranky baby--and can't fix the side ways thing haha
     6 months with our little guy!  It is truly a blessing to be a mama.  I love the little guy so much and we are having so much fun with him as he begins to show more and more of his little personality.  We thank the Lord for our little Jacko!


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  1. Sleeping in his crib and no swaddle!!! Yay!!!! Isn't it crazy how those sort of things magically start working after endless failures? I was too tired to swaddle John one night and it went well???haven't swaddled since!