Monday, December 30, 2013

Jack's First Christmas--Round One

Christmas with kids is SO fun.

I am a total holiday person.  I like to make heart shaped pancakes on Valentines, green milk on St. Patty's Day, and etc.  I decorate for Thanksgiving and Christmas and I love holiday traditions.  All of these things are fun with just Jason and I...I'm fortunate to have a man who totally appreciates these things.  It's all the more fun though with kids.  They get so excited at the small things.  Granted, Jack had no clue what was going on but it was still so sweet to start traditions.  Things like new PJ's and a Christmas book on Christmas Eve and etc.  We of COURSE had to go see Santa too.  :)

We spent Christmas Eve with my mom and dad-in law.  So, let's call this Christmas Round I'm still waiting for pictures from my parents.  :)

Displaying Christmas 2013 007.jpg
At Santa's House.  I personally think SLO's Santa House is SO cute.  :)
Displaying Christmas 2013 010.jpg

So funny story on the Santa thing.  I was a little nervous to see how Jack would react being thrust into the lap of a strange man in a red suit.  Turns out we hand Jack to Santa and SANTA ended up being the one who was nervous/wigged out.  He was rushing us to take the picture as fast as possible.  I'm thinking he's had one to many babies freak out with him haha.  Jack was totally content being held.  When I took Jack back Santa said, "We'll see how he does NEXT year!"  True, true Santa.  :)

Displaying Christmas 2013 002.jpg
Waiting in line for Santa...look how BIG my baby is!  Ahhh!
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Family Picture! <3
Displaying Christmas 2013 021.jpg
Christmas Eve present time!
Displaying Christmas 2013 023.jpg
Auntie Joanna on sock duty.  :)  (Yes, he has no pants on.  It was like 80 degrees haha)
Displaying Christmas 2013 030.jpg
Apparently strings on toys are the MOST fun.
Displaying Christmas 2013 026.jpg
Totally cute new beanie from Grandma...with drooly chin and all. <3
Displaying Christmas 2013 036.jpg
Jack got a plethora of new wooden toys.  He's a little young for this one but Daddy enjoyed it. :)
Displaying Christmas 2013 040.jpg
Uncle Love <3
Displaying Christmas 2013 041.jpg
Papa reading up on the toys he will make for Jack ;)
Displaying Christmas 2013 025.jpg
He loves his new giraffe...really all things giraffe.  :)

Such a sweet time with family.  He is getting to the point where his face definitely lights up when you hand him a new toy.  He really loved that giraffe above.  I can't wait for the Christmas's to come.  Where we can teach him the true reason behind the season and see his excitement and anticipation.

Hope you all had a blessed Christmas...and Happy New Year!!!  :)


  1. Yay!!! Happy Christmas, Jack-o! (There's this sweet little boy in Summer's Sunday School class named Jack and everyone calls him Jacko and I think it's DARLING!). I just wanted to say that this year was probably our "funnest" Christmas ever because Summer and Bella totally GOT what was going on... so much fun. Sooo... just wait, it gets better!!

  2. Sad! I can't see the pictures :( But yes, Christmas was SO much fun with a baby! Brody thought everything was just so dang exciting and he has this cute little surprised face where he shakes his arms and gasps like whatever he's looking at is the COOLEST THING EVER. He did it for every present and any Christmas lights or trees. It made me so happy that he got excited about Christmas already!! Now I really want to see these Jack pictures because I bet they're adorable!!