Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2013 Recap


2013 is gone
2014 is here

What a year, what a year.

So, what did we do in 2013???  Welp, let me tell you.  :)

2013 kicked off with me looking something like the above pic...17 weeks pregnant.

At the end of January we found out we were having a BOY!!!!

In April we trekked it down to SLO to celebrate our little boy with friends and family!  Such a sweet
fun baby shower!

I wrote my LAST POST as a pregnant woman and then...

On June 11th my water started leaking...unbenonest to me haha
On June 12th I started thinking maybe something wasn't quite right and went in "just in case".  Yup!  A slow leak.  Came back to the hospital at 4:00pm to be induced.

And after 20 hours of labor Jack Thoren was born on June 13, 2013

Then began life as three!!!
It took a little adjustment, ahem.  :)

After a few weeks we got into a pretty good groove with our little man.  I began my life as a mostly stay at home mom...and in the end loved it.

We've been through some ups, some downs, some down right borings. 

In the end though it's been a good, GOOD year.  We are so blessed.  So very, very blessed.  I'm quick to want more sometimes...heck, all the time.  But really...we have enough.  More then enough.

Thank you Lord for this year.  Thank you for every year, every day, every hour of life.  Thank you for your saving grace, for my amazing husband, for my family and friends, the roof over our heads and warm beds to sleep in.  Thank you for our little Jack.  Thank you Lord for giving us far FAR more then we could ever deserve.

Happy New Year friends!!!

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