Saturday, January 4, 2014


  • Happy New Year friends.  2014.  I still can't get used to that pesky "4".  Pretty sure I've wrote 2013 I mean 2014 about 23 times.  :)
  • Do you do New Years resolutions?  We sorta do as a family.  I mean we have individual ones but we don't take them too seriously.  Really we just use it as a time to reflect on things that we would like to do better.  Some things as a family involve more ACTS of charity...not just giving our money.  Also keeping with our strict budget.  For me, I made a resolution of sorts after my birthday in August to not buy anything for myself for a year.  I felt like I was starting to get caught up in the whole fashion "how do I compare to others" thing.  I have PLENTY of clothes and I need nothing at all.  5 months in and I'm really happy I did it.  It's been really freeing.  It's really refocused me and what's important.  For example, my black Toms that I wear regularly are wearing out...I have a small hole in the big toe.  But I'm still wearing them.  And when they die completely I can wear my other Toms, or my see?!?  I have plenty.  Anyways, I hope to continue on with my one year shopping abstinence goal.
  • These last couple of months are really hard months for us financially.  SFSU has a 6 week break...and then after that 6 weeks is up Jason doesn't get paid for another 4 weeks (this is because he is a contracted teacher...not a "regular" professor).  10 weeks of no income from our main bread winner.  When I was working full time it wasn't a big deal because we could save for it.  Since we've decided to have me home we weren't able to save as much this year.  It's been stretching for sure.  Anyways, all this to say...we have been selling things that we just don't use any more on Ebay and oh my gosh!!!  So cool!  I can't believe that people actually want our stuff haha.  We've literally made almost $500 in the last month.  Awesome no?  I'm on a roll!  Watch out! ;)
  • Jack's room is finally starting to come together.  Well, more in my head then in real life, haha.  I think the fact that we are getting rid of so many things has motivated me to finally conquer his room.  It's been a storage, office area...with a crib thrown in it for far too long.  :)
  • I live by my day planner.  Like, I think I'd forget to pay half my bills if I didn't have one.  I get really excited to get a new one for the new year and feel all out of sorts until I DO have a new one.
  • We've been using this break that Jason has to do a bit more sleep training for the little one.  First, we ditched the monitor at night.  He's in the room next door...we can hear him.  We don't need to hear him scream loud and clear haha.  Jason sleeps through it completely.  I don't.  But I'm a lot more slow to wake up and it gives him some time to cry...and then sometimes fall back asleep.  He goes down without crying at night 80% of the time (yay), nap time...70% of the time.  But...he still wakes up once at night to eat.  And I'm okay with it.  He really and truly EATS.  Getting him to eat during the day and not fidget and get distracted is becoming a challenge.  He's enjoying his new found purposeful mobility.  I refuse to wrestle him though.  I just take him off and I figure he'll eat when he gets hungry enough.  Of course that may be at night haha.
  • So because Jason is not working...I'm working more.  I miss my baby.  :(  There are parts I like about working...not going to lie.  It helps too knowing that he's home with Daddy.  But I miss my boy and our routine.  I LOVE coming home to his face lighting up and his squeels though.  Priceless I tell ya.  
  • Welp, that's it!  Have a happy weekend amigos...hope you enjoyed a couple more Jacko's 1st Christmas pics!!!


  1. We have always had very small houses with bedrooms right by each other. Therefore I have never used a baby monitor. Which is the #1 thing I attribute all 3 of my babies being good sleepers. When they need me they cry and I hear them. But I certainly don't need to hear everything! I hope it works for you too!

  2. Routines are awesome when they can be followed and not so awesome when they are messed up. Glad to hear you guys are all doing well. Josh has training at Travis coming up in the spring sometime, would love to meet up again!