Monday, January 6, 2014

A Little Neurotic

I was reading a funny blog a while back of this writer's neurotic idiosyncrasies.  Cracked me up.  It got me thinking.  What am I all coo coo neurotic about? I mean aren't we all a little neurotic?  If you think you aren't...just ask your spouse, parents, bff.  :)  They'll tell you the truth.

So, let's delve into this...

1)  I can't sleep with anything near my face or covering my face.  If it covers my face then I feel like I'm breathing unclean, recycled, already been breathed air.  Yuck.  I don't like things by my face in general because...well, I just don't. (It may have something to do with the fact that my brother smothered me with a pillow one too many times...but we won't talk about that.)  :)
2)  I'm crazy about the appearance of dirt.  Like I want it to at least LOOK clean.  But germs?  Don't bother me one bit.  Like I really don't care/think about it.  The only reason I don't let Jack lick the seat on the Muni train is because I'm pretty sure I'd be heavily judged.  I know.  I fake caring about germs.  I just feel like it's inevitable though.  Germs will come, he will get sick...why put it off.  It just makes his immune system all the more hardy.  I also fake caring because I guess I don't REALLY in the end want him to suffer so I'm all "stop licking the floor" because you might puke your guts out and in the end I don't really want to see you all sick and sad.  By the way I am married to a supreme germ-a-phobe.  :)  It's probably for the best haha.
3)  I think WAY too much about matching.  If I venture too much into patterns and colors I think about whether I match or just look like a wreck probably 12 times before I walk out the door.  This is why I probably wear jeans and a white shirt 6 out of 7 days of the week.  Freak I tell you.
4)  I am a planning OCD wreck...but with a twist.  It has it's pros believe me.  I will know everything there is to know about the place that we are visiting before we leave.  On the other hand I will talk about it to the point of driving my fellow travel partner Jason.  :)  And the twist?  I get a huge, mega rush when things go wrong...getting lost, missing a flight and being stuck in the airport.  I plan and yet thrive on those plans going all awry???  Weird I tell you.
5)  I have a blanket and pillows on my couch.  Before I leave...literally, almost every time I leave the house...unless I'm totally late, I will straighten the blanket and arrange the pillows.  I have no idea why.  My house can be in complete disarray but dang it when I walk in that door my couch will look GOOD! 
6)  Clean hair.  Totally neurotic about it.  Mexico mission trips...where you have 6 days with no showers?  Shoot me.  I just feel so gross with dirty hair.  So yeah, I promptly bought a solar shower and had me a nice warm camp shower after each work day.  And I'm super in to camping/backpacking too.  :)  I'm just a very CLEAN camper/backpacker.
7)  Clean shoes (I think I have a serious problem with clean things).  I like my shoes to look clean.  Like...some of my shoes I actually wash...with a toothbrush!  Ack.  That's embarassing.  Don't judge.
8) Lint.  I freak out about lint.  This is one of the main reasons I don't wear black very often.  I actually have a mini lint roller that I carry in my bag when I wear black pants.  Seriously.  Yeah, I know.  Don't say it.

And yeah.  I'm sure there's more.  Probably a LOT more haha.  So what about you?  What's your weirdest quirk?  Spill it! :)

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