Monday, January 20, 2014

This & That

Hello friends!

I have a 7 month Jack post in the works.  I just need to upload his photos.  :)  I can't believe that I have a 7 month old. Sheesh.  (BTW I FOUND MY STINKING camera cord.  If you 've been reading my blog for a while you'll know that it disappeared about 4 months ago!  I found it, in our room, in my fabric bag.  Yeah.  I literally grabbed it, ran into the living room, and did a "I found the camera cord dance" for Jason.  Good times!)

So, what's been up lately?

I feel like a lot of things to be honest.  Jason and I have been praying and talking about our future a lot lately.  What that may or may not look like.  Whether we are staying in the Bay Area longer and etc.  There are potentially some exciting things in our future (mine in particular) but we are in this sorta holding stage/flux.  Not my favorite place to be...but yeah.  Anyways, good things...but hard, stretching things.  I feel like for the last few years I have been doing very "safe" things.  I mean, that's where we were at at the moment.  My job was to go to work every day, earn a steady income at a reliable job so that Jason could go to grad school.  That's now over though. So, maybe it's my turn to venture out into the world of opportunity a little...within reason.  My family is and will always be my #1 priority.  Anyways, sorry for being so cryptic.  More details will come hopefully soon.  ;)

Did I ever mention that I have a nephew???  I mean, I have a nephew through Jason's sister but I have a NEW nephew from my brother.  I think I wasn't as ready to proclaim it from the roof tops because my brother isn't married, or even dating the mom any more.  My brother isn't a Jesus follower (yet!).  It's not the "ideal" situation I guess and yet it's still a sweet SWEET baby who I already ADORE...though I haven't met him.  I just want to squeeze him and spoil him rotten.  hehe.  And he looks EXACTLY like my brother haha.

My thug-life bro and baby Carson!  :)
Anyways, GUESS WHAT?!?  I am like sooooo close to finishing Jack's room. know, 7 months after he was born.  hehe.  Whatever dude, whatever.  He doesn't know that he slept in the "storage room" for the first part of his life.  Anyways, he's pretty mobile now and I'm trying to make his room baby proof and safe for a little mobile baby...who is pretty darn near to standing (if he has something to pull himself up with)!  Good grief.  :)  So yeah, I'll do some pics eventually.  Since I FOUND MY CAMERA CORD!  Still a little excited about that. 

Anyways, happy Monday!

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