Tuesday, January 28, 2014


  • We are in the home stretch people.  I have tomorrow, and then Mon, Tues, and Wed. of next week and we are back to my mostly stay-at-home mama gig.  It has been a LONG haul.  I wish I could relay to you the stress and just plain yuckiness that financially Dec-Jan has brought for us.  Let's just say that we made it...barely.  I mean we aren't totally in the clear but there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  Phew.  We've never really struggled financially like this in our marriage which is a huge blessing in itself.  God though has been SO very faithful.  I mean, there have basically been small miracles to keep us afloat.  To not witness these things would have been a loss.  So I'm thankful.  So very thankful.  (For those who don't know Jason is a contracted teacher and so went 6 weeks without pay during the break...and he doesn't get paid for another 4 weeks.  10 weeks of no income from our main provider.  We did not prepare nearly enough for this...so that part is my fault)
  • I have been reading a bit of the Bible every day and it's been so very good.  I am doing it chronologically this time.  I'm using an ESV app on my phone and a checklist.  Turns out I pick up my phone a lot through out the day...and I love checklists.  Good combo!  :)  I'm in Job right now.  So relevant considering my first bullet!  ;)
  • My boy is standing!  Gah!  I can't believe it.  He can now use things to pull himself up.  Last night he was yelling for his night time snack and when I walked in...there he was!  That's even with his wearable blanket thing on.  I was totally impressed!  :)
  • If you think of us would you mind praying for our future???  We are submitting lots of resumes.  Jason is looking for a full time ESL position that hopefully has benefits...and is a more permanent position.  The one he has now is good but you know...has 10 week breaks with no income haha.  Anyways, you should see the application process for some of these positions.  You'd think you were applying to be secret service for the president.  Sheesh.  Anyways, we are throwing our net wide...Portland, Anaheim, Japan, and etc.  Pray that the Lord would show us exactly where to go...and that Jason would get a position...somewhere.  :)
  • So, I've heard about the whole shopping for groceries a month at a time.  I didn't want to do it because of the whole fresh fruit and veggie thing.  After having a baby though I'm singing a different song.  Going to the grocery store is not what it used to be.  I decided to give it a try.  I thought it would be a bit much to jump into a month so I did 2 weeks at a time.  Let me tell you.  I LOVE it.  I get my produce down the street once a week but everything else I bought 2 weeks worth of.  My grocery bill is WAY down because of it.  I literally spent that one lump some and then a couple of veggie/fruit trips.  That was it!  Amazing I tell you.  You also get the added benefit of meal planning efficiently.  Like buying a thing of celery and planning a couple of meals so that you use the WHOLE thing.  Imagine that.  ;)  Brilliant I tell you.  I don't think I will do the 1 month thing though in the end because our pantry it way too small.  So, there you go!
And that's all for now!  Hope your week is marvy harvey! <3

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