Monday, February 3, 2014

Writing Lull

I have been in a serious blogging lull lately.

I'm having a lot of trouble thinking about what to say.  I remember before I had a baby I'd think, "Oh, this is blog-worthy material"  Not my mind is just...blank.  Babies do that to you apparently.

I just want to keep doing bullet posts but that's just lame.  And I really need to include some pictures.


Can I just say that I am slowly picking away at the deep cleaning in my house.  It's been, oh, 7 1/2 months since that's happened (except for the bathroom, it's the one place that must be deep cleaned occasionally).  Jack's room/office is done, I did our room I need to conquer the living area/kitchen.  That's all that's left...oh and our entry way.  Yeah.  We need to find an organizing solution for that.  Our BOB stroller and bikes take up a lot of space.  It just looks like chaos.  Whatever.  I don't have to look at it all day like I do my house so it's easy to put off.  :)

So, Jason and I have this "battle" dare I say going on.  I want to hang things all over our walls and he doesn't want me to because it's a rental and he's afraid the landlord won't be happy about that.  I think they don't care and expect you to hang things on your walls but our compromise are these Command Strip wall Velcro type things.  So cool!  So, I am finishing up my gallery wall behind the couch and hanging things in Jack's room and Jason can't complain bwahaha.  :)

We are starting to introduce real solids to Jack...outside of pureed stuff.  I gave him some tiny pieces of wheat cereal and he just gags on it...coughs and coughs and then cries.  haha.  I'm sorry, I know it's not funny but everything I've read talks like they will suck on it and mull it around in their mouths for a while letting it dissolve.  Nope.  Jack swallows it immediately.  Nice.  We tried 3x's thinking he'd get the hang of it eventually and yeah...he didn't.  I'm sure one day he will figure it out.  He can gnaw on a banana no prob.  Maybe I'll steam some veggies so they are extra soft, chop them up and see how he does with that.  :)  How did you introduce solids?  Did your kid gag like crazy?

I've been trying to go without makeup more.  I don't know why.  I think I just feel like I've been battling vanity lately.  I mean there is absolutely nothing wrong with makeup.  It was getting to a point where I just felt like...not myself? if I didn't wear it.  Like I felt gross.  So, once a week or so I get myself ready, put on an outfit I like, do my hair...and skip the makeup.  It took some getting used to but I'm kinda okay with it now.  Doing my hair and wearing real clothes helps I think.  Usually if I skipped makeup I was unshowered and grungy.  So yeah.  And when I DO wear makeup now I basically feel like a super model.  ;)  Except for the height part.

And there you go.  Some thoughts on a Monday.  And it wasn't a bullet post because there were NO bullets.  Ok, it was a bullet post...basically.  Shut yo mouth.  ;)


  1. Ha! I understand the blogging lull. Tis okay.

    About introducing, I find this the easiest way: simply steam foods or chop up fruits real small (blueberries, banana, etc). I kinda then smush it with my finger and then put it on their tongue. It takes them a bit, but they eventually get it. Good first foods are sweet potatoes, bananas, squash, etc. Good luck!

  2. We did the baby led weaning method of introducing solids. It worked really well for us, not having to deal with purees (out side of apple sauce). Just steam up veggies and cut up into match stick length and they go at it. Super messy in the beginning, but it's so much less stress.

  3. Trying my comment again. I've read up on baby led weaning too, seems cool and I might try a mix of that and regular. (Seems like the baby led purists are REALLY anti-anything else! I say...whatever is easiest at the time.) Anyhow, I read you should try introducing a food 12 times before giving up or letting the babe decide they don't like it. So...a few more tries to go!!!!