Friday, February 21, 2014

This week...

Happy Friday friends.  I remember when Friday used to be all, "Heck yeah it's Friday, it's the weekend whoot whoot."  Now, I'm all, "Oh snap, it's Friday?  I thought it was Wednesday."  Yeah.  The days justsortaruntogethersometimes.  :)

  • Life.  *Sigh*  Life is just kinda meh sometimes.  I mean sometimes its so incredibly awesome and sometimes I just want to sit down in the corner with a jar of Nutella and Nilla wafers and block everyone and everything out. 
  • This week was filled with a bit of the first bullet.  It was also filled with beautiful moments.  Moments of cuddles, love, and slobbery baby kisses.  Moments where I look at our little boy and think, "How blessed we are."  So incredibly and totally blessed.
  • God has been working on my heart a lot lately.  I feel like we are being stretched in a lot of ways as of late and it's dang darn hard.  The fruit is so sweet in the end but in the moment I kinda just get O-ver.It.
  • My boy has decided that he is cool with not eating baby food.  Yeah, right after I did a post that sung the praises of my little baby food station.  I will still use it for to-go stuff.  And when he's older and I'm willing to let him eat as much fruit as he wants.  (We are giving him fruit but not a ton...trying to build a good foundation of non-sweet foods first).  Anyways, Jack decided that he wants to eat what we eat.  90% of our food is made from scratch or organic so what the hey.  So far he had whole wheat pasta with sauce, broccoli, pizza, broccoli pesto quinoa.  Man that kid is an eater.  I read somewhere that they might not eat much more than a tablespoon of table food at this age...HA!  Anyways, it's actually really nice not having to give him his own food but just chop up what we eat.  Oh, and I've been giving it to him with the spices and all.  No issues so far (I pull his portion before we salt it though).  Gone are the days though when I ate something and he was clueless.  If I pull food out now...there he is...begging like a little puppy dog.  :)
  • My Mom's Group is going through the book Seven Sacred Pauses.  It's definitely not a book that I would read normally but I've been able to pull some things from it for sure.  One of the "pauses" she describes happens in the middle of the night and she calls it the "Night Watch".  Jack is still eating once in the middle of the night.  Instead of being slightly irritated that I'm awake and counting the hours until his next wake up I've been trying to take the "Night Watch" by praying for those who are hurting and awake with worries.  Night can be a hard time for many people...heck sometimes even for me.  It's changed my outlook on nursing at night.  For now.  Ha.  I will tell you though...I will NOT be taking part on the dawn one any time soon.  No Thank You. ;)
  • So Jason is looking for a new job.  His current job is fine but it isn't a long term position.  It's not designed to be a job that you keep forever.  No benefits and etc.  We would really love to find a new position this fall.  If you think of us would you mind praying.  I feel like it will be a complete and total work of God to get a new position.  College teaching positions are very competitive.  Jason is an awesome, hard working teacher.  I mean...seriously.  I feel like an employer would know that once they meet him...but that's the hard part.  Getting them to see your application as worth while in the midst of many others.  We are trusting the Lord for sure on this.  But yeah...just a little prayer request I guess.  :)
Welp, happy weekend friends!

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