Wednesday, February 5, 2014

5 Things

Since I'm in a writing lull and am coveting a bunch of things (that usually happens when we are on a tight budget) I thought that I'd share with you 5 things that I've been wanting.  So as to not seem totally ungrateful and materialistic I thought I might share with you 5 things that I already HAVE and count as a blessing. :)

I know. 

My opinion is kinda like gold.

You can thank me in the comment section.

I'll wait.

Hold on to your seats my lil' homies.  Here we go!

5 Things I am Usin' and Lovin'
1) Watch out!  "I'm so Holy" alert coming your way.  :)  Kidding.  So, I'm loving my ESV app on my phone.  Seriously, I didn't think I'd use it that much but I've read a bit of Scripture every day for the last 26 days.  Turns out I'm sorta addicted to my phone and if I don't pick it up and hold it in my hands I start twitching and screaming, "What is going ON in the world that I'm missing?!?!  Someone might be painting their nails a new color or having sushi for lunch aaaaaaaaahhhh!"  Anyways, holding the phone and reading Scripture actually helps to sooth this tendency.  A little...
2)I received an Infantino Food Station with DISPOSABLE pouches.  I'm sorry but I love that I can just throw them away.  Why would I want to clean those crazy things?  No gracias.  So I make Jack's food all organic like and then puree it with my IMMERSION blender (which I also received for Christmas and should be on this more hurking out my Cuisinart for small jobs) and then bust out my pouches, freeze them, and done!  I pull them out and he enjoys his yumminess.  And then I THROW the pouch away.  Yeah.  Did I mention I like that feature?
3) My Herschel Backpack.  So, a while back I came to this realization that having a tote style diaper bag is totally inconvenient when you are lugging a baby on public transportation through San Francisco.  It slips off your shoulder and you can't keep it on unless you're cool with invading the person next to you and their space (you can sit and keep a backpack on).  So I decided that a backpack would be a good idea.  Little did I know how trendy and up and coming I was.  HA!  I decided that if we were going to spend more money it would be on something that could be used beyond we could use it ourselves later on.  I was in Nordstroms and came across the Herschel line.  Totally my style and I had a credit there I needed to use.  SCORE.  I picked this one in grey.  :) (Seriously I had never heard of the company and since I bought mine I've seen them more and more...and apparently it was THE bag to buy for Christmas...whatev.)  Really though, they have TONS and they are super cute.  I picked a neutral one so we could both use it...and I love grey.  I don't know how someone can love grey...I mean it's barely a color...but I love it.  :)

4) Minnetonka Front Strap Mocs (we have the brown but that baby in the pic is rocking the red ones).  So I think I've talked about these before.  I ordered them way back and they were waaaay too big for Jack.  They fit now though and they are too cute!  He gets compliments all the time.  I would love a pair of Freshly Picked Mocs but seriously...can't justify the price.  Maybe for his birthday?   Maybe.  A BIG maybe.  :)

5) So I think I'm starting to sorta hone in on the clothes that are worth buying for the little guy and the ones that aren't.  Although those little button ups are adorable...I rarely put him in them.  He also only needs 1 or 2 pairs of jeans for church and when I want to impress people with my cute baby haha.  If we are home/just running errands I usually put him in a long sleeve onesie and comfy pants.  If we go out...he wears his zip-up hoodie.  We love these type of pants like the ones below from Gap...super cheap when they are on sale and this baby H&M hoodie is our serious go-to.  He has worn it a TON.

5 Things I Want
(AKA 5 Things I Have in my Amazon cart and will probably one day POSSIBLY buy ;)

1)UppaBaby G-Lite Umbrella Stroller
It's taken some research but I think we are going to go for this one.  It's more expensive but I've heard great things.  It's about 9 lbs, has rubber wheels, a carry strap, and stands up on it's own while folded.  I think it will hold up under our crazy streets here and being lugged on public trans.

2) I would LOVE these alphabet cards for Jack's room from FrenchPressMornings.  So very cute and it matches the "loose" theme I have going on.

3) Another Etsy find.  I love this wall hanging from littlelow.  So sweet and pretty.  I'm also a huge fan of this little calendar.  Darling!

4) I think I would like to try this sippy cup out.  Love the stainless steel and the sippy valve thing looks really interesting and a good transition from breastfeeding/bottle.  AND there is no plastic to break in case a certain someone chucks it.  :)

5) Osprey Poco Backpack Baby Carrier
Yeah, this is another thing we will get probably for sure.  We've done a lot of research on baby backpack carriers.  Osprey is a little new to this but I have their backpacking backpack and love it.  It has amazing reviews and there are so many things about the bag that I love.  We may or may not be planning a backpacking trip this summer with our then one year old.  ;)  We're crazy...I know. 

And there you go.  Hopefully I made you really covetous. ;)

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  1. so informative. i put the infantino food station on my baby registry. thank you for the tip!