Thursday, February 13, 2014

Jacko--8 months

Awe.  Our baby boy is 8 months old.  He is certainly not the same little baby anymore.  He's at this stage where almost every day brings some new skill that I didn't know he had.  Staying home with him looks a lot different too.  I went back to work mid December full time and stopped last week.  When I went to work he knew how to sit up...but would still fall over occasinally.  A different baby for sure.  Anyways, since I haven't been home with him I don't have quite as many pictures.  If you follow me on Instagram (evangelistaluv) then you've probably seen many of these.  Oh well.
So, let's get on to the updates.

-I have no idea how heavy he is but he has definitely filled out.  He's got some chunky thighs and a little belly.  It's getting to the point where I think I need to really and truly be purposeful about the meals I feed him and how often.  Up until last week there would be days where he would only get milk.  He needs more though.  He is such an eater and he don't want no baby food.  He was okay with it at first but he's interested in more so...we give it to him (and he's figured out how to eat without gagging...yay).

-The boy crawls everywhere.  He likes to stand though even more.  Any possible object that he can use to stand...he uses...including an empty wire trash can that was by Jason's desk.  I'm sure you can imagine how well THAT went.  We are gaining lots of new bruises...mostly on his face.  We have a near shiner forming because he hit his face on the chair.  Ugh.  I pretty much spend most of my time making sure he doesn't crack his head on our tile.  I've seriously considered buying him a mini football helmet and letting him go to town.  Anyways, just today he started WALKING along while holding the couch.  Hold me.

-People used to say, "Oh, enjoy this time where they can't move around on their own."  I definitely have to disagree on this one.  Jack really wouldn't just lie there.  No way.  You had to hold him upright so he could see everything.  I rarely had a moment to do much of anything the first 5 months of his life.  Seriously, the kid is SO much happier now that he has his mobility.  I actually have MORE time to get things done now that he can play and move on his own.

-Jack is now an official Sunday school attendee....last Sunday was his first time.  Crazy right?  We went 8 months keeping him in the service with us.  He really had no problem until the last few weeks.  Too mobile.  Anyways, he made it through the whole service...up until the last 10 minutes.  It took him that long to figure out that we weren't around haha.  I peeked in on him and he was happy playing and watching the other kids.  He also managed to snag some graham crackers as was evidenced by his shirt...and graham cracker breath.  Totally didn't realize he would be eating that (I mean he's 8 months old!).  I tried to not be weird about it.  I'm not going to be the mom who forces her kid to eat a non-sugary organic snack while all the other kids are grubbing on their yummy graham crackers...I won't do it...I won't.  I think if I keep chanting that to myself maybe it will come true...? Ha!

-That whole object permanence is definitely there.  He remembers things which is so fun to see.  Today after a long day of being out and about I walked up to the front door and he started doing his "bouncy arm flappy I'm excited" thing.  I said, "Jacko!  Are you happy to be home?"  Oh yeah!  I put him on the rug with his toys in the living room and you'd think I took the kid to Disneyland!  It's funny to think that Jack will have that comfortable feeling of "home" that I had as a child.  Your house, your room, your mom and was just home.  And it was so very nice.

-Sleep.  Sleep has been...pretty good up until this last week.  We had a huge span of time without teething/growing to disrupt our sleep.  We were down to 1 wake up a night and then within the last few days it's been 2-3.  Boo.  Please say it's a growth spurt.  He's been eating a ton and then goes right back to sleep so I'm going to go with that for now.

Anyways, 8 months with our little man!  It's been so sweet and so fun!  What a gift children are.  They are challenging at times for sure, haha, but so wonderful and so rewarding.  We literally thank the Lord every day for this little guy!  <3