Monday, March 17, 2014

Jacko: 9 Months

We are 3/4 of the way to ONE YEAR!  I've started thinking about the little man's birthday a bit.  Oh yay.

SO.  What does a 9 month old look like?

A little like this...

As for what's new?

-He's cruising along furniture like no one's biz.  He's also starting to let go and balance standing on his own...without much success...but it will come. It will come.
-Food.  No more purees.  He eats what we eat.  And loves it.  He eats spaghetti, pizza, broccoli, corn, the innards of burritos, cream of wheat, cold cereal, all fruits, couscous, quinoa, most vegetables, and all seasonings, Chinese food...oh and he LOVES water.  Something random that he likes...PLAIN whole fat yogurt.  I was sweetening it with smashed banana and then turns out he digs it plain.  Blak.   There is one thing so far that he is not a fan of...plain avocado.  He'll eat 2 or 3 bites and then purse his lips together.  Not a fan haha. 
-So we had a fevery baby last week which wouldn't be so bad...except he was pulling on his ears which seemed weird.  Then he broke out in this weird rash.  THEN he had a strange wheeze from a cold he was getting over.  All of it together warranted a visit to the doctor.  No ear infection!  And the wheeze wasn't to be worried because his lungs sounded pretty good.  And the fever and rash were probably a virus.  Yay.  Anyways, I got to see how much he weighed though.  A smidge over 19 lbs!  No wonder I'm getting my guns back.  ;)
Pudgy legs...THE best.
-Sleep.  What's that?  Kidding.  Ok, so he goes down at night with no fight.  We put him in awake and he falls asleep on his own...sometimes immediately...sometimes after playing with his stuffed animals for a while (in the dark haha).  The nap though sometimes worked like this...sometimes not.  Guess what though?!?  He does it for his nap now too.  Sometimes he whines a bit but he falls asleep on his own.  So nice.  As for night wake ups...two still.  He does one right before I go to bed at 11pm (which I don't mind) and then one somewhere between 1am and 2am.  He's also traded in his 8-9am wake ups for 6:30am wake ups.  Oh my poop.  I'm so glad I drink coffee.  I'm trying to decide when to cut his night feedings out.  I don't know.  I'll let you know when I do.  :)
-He's just about grown out of his 6-12 month clothes and is basically in 12-18 month clothes which Gap apparently classifies as "toddler".  I kinda want to slap them and say, "How DARE you call my tiny baby a TODDLER."  :)

-I'm about 90% sure Jack says Mama now.  The 10% doubt comes from the fact that every so often he says Babababa to me instead of Mamamama.  Odd.  Makes me think of my friend who says her baby calls her "Bob" no matter how hard she tries to get him to say Mama.  So sometimes I'm Mama and sometimes I'm Baba.  I'll answer to both.  :)

-We are in the process of cutting what appears to be 4 top teeth.  I can tell that the incisors are going to break through first and then the two front ones.  I feel like once that happens he won't be a baby anymore.  He'll be this kid with a mouth full of teeth...that I'm sorta afraid to nurse.  Yikes!  Anywho.  He's been a bit cranky lately.  He rubs his face and mouth on everything.  I feel bad for the little guy.
-He loves the park.  He crawls around, loves the swing, and likes to stand up next to the slide and pretend that he's playing with the kids.  He squeals and does all that he can to get their attention.  He basically doesn't give adults the time of day outside of Jason and I but he LOVES kids.
-We are starting to talk.  He says Uh Oh allllll the live long day and occasionally Mama.  :)

-Other likes are dogs, birds, these kale Plum Organics teething biscuit things that we call his "cookies", his mini blankie, going on walks, riding on Daddy's shoulders, his wooden rings toy, sticks, leaves, flowers, his train pj's (he points at the train every time), and his Jack and the Dragon book.
-Things he's not a fan of are...sleeping through the night ;), being handed to someone outside of Jason and I (he's getting better though), playing peek-a-boo with the shower curtain...when he's in the tub and we move the shower curtain so he can't see us.  Yeah, he cried.  And I laughed.  I haven't the slightest clue why he didn't like that because he usually LOVES peek-a-boo.  And I guess that's it.  He has really turned into quite the easy going little guy.

And that's 9 Months for you!!!!  We love our growing boy!!!

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