Monday, March 10, 2014

What I Used, What I Didn't

It's funny.  I can't remember if I've done this post already?  You know it's sad when you can't decipher blog from reality.  :)  Anyways, now that Jack is closer to being a toddler then he is an itty bitty baby (really?  already?) I have been able to kind of look back on what we've bought, been given, and etc.  If God blesses us with another baby eventually I've thought to myself, "What would I do differently in the realm of baby products?"

So here's my take.

#1  The Ergo...and newborn insert
I LOVE my Ergo.  I had no idea just HOW much I would be using this thing.  I still use it and foresee me using it for many more months.  If I could go back and do it again though I would get the khaki color.  I thought, "Hey, black is good and neutral.  Perfect."  I did not foresee the fact that Jack would be a serious spitter-upper though.  If we were out and about and he barfed a few times my Ergo started looking like it was struck by a flock of seagulls.  Blak.  The black shows every speck of lint too.  I'm a little neurotic about lint.  Also, when you wash it it starts to fade.  Also a pet-peeve of mine...faded black material. Ha.  So there you go.  The Newborn Insert really was just plain awkward to me.  I used a rolled up swaddle blanket under his bum and returned the insert the next day.  :)

#2 The Moby
So there was that month at least where Jack didn't fit in the Ergo.  Also with the Ergo he had to get used to having his legs all splayed out.  He wasn't a fan at first.  We used the Moby for the first month or two and he LOVED it.  So baby was a fan...but mama wasn't.  I'm sorry but when you are as sleep deprived as you are...wrapping that crazy long thing around you was just too much.  I'm lazy normally...but "Just popped a baby out Anna" is REALLY lazy.  Also, I really didn't like putting it on while we were out.  The ends always hit the floor and yeah.  So I sold mine on Ebay once Jack was done with it.  I think I'll invest in a sling next time.  You get the closeness that the baby loves but it's waaaay easier to put on.  :)

#3 Changing table
Ok.  Before we had a baby I thought..."Am I really going to use a changing table?  Won't I just change him wherever in the house?"  Nope!  I totally used/use it!!!  I think if you had a big house...where your changing table was like upstairs in the room I could see maybe keeping a stock of diapers downstairs and skipping the changing table most of the time.  Jack's room is off our living room though so yeah...way more convenient to change him there.

#4 Boppy
Another one I wondered about whether I would use.  My lactation consultant encouraged me to not use it...for obvious reasons.  You don't want to become dependent on it if you are out and about without it.  I have never once used it...ever.  It's in a bag...brand new in the garage.  Ebay maybe???  Or do you think I would use it with the next baby?  Maybe I'll need to be more "hands free" since I have a kid running around?  :)

#5 Toys
Jack isn't a huge toy kid.  He roams the house like crazy but doesn't just sit there and play very often.  I will tell you though that there is ONE toy he loves.  I mean...loves.  Every time I get him up in the morning or for nap it's the first thing he goes for.  He even carries a ring in each hand and crawls around the house.  Seriously...the best thing we've bought him...I mean, that Santa gave him. ;)  It's the Plan Toys Wooden Rings.  I'm telling you...if my kid likes it...yours probably will. 

#6 Swaddle Blankets
So there are those uber cute and trendy swaddle blankets that everyone and their mother has. my humble time I would skip them.  I actually find that we are using the blankets NOW  that his is older more.  They are a perfect light weight blanket for bedtime.  He gets hot really easy so yeah...they are great now.  I found that the Summer Swaddle Me blankets or the Woombie (which I've never used but heard great things about) were so much better/easier.  Jack loved to be swaddled but could break out of the blankets like no one's biz.  Also...back to the whole tired/lazy thing.  Ahhh!  The Swaddle Me's and Woombies...easy as pie (which is a terrible saying because pie is NOT easy to make).  :)

#8 And some random things that Jack didn't like...but we're keeping because maybe future babies will like it?  The Jumperoo, and playmat.  :)  Things that have worked out great for us are our BOB Stroller, getting a double breast pump, opting for a non-diaper diaper bag, not buying ANY toys before he was born (he doesn't use them...though I'm sure he will later).

And there you go.  A few things we would do differently as far as baby products if we could go back.  But we can't so...yeah.  We are happy with what we have none the less.  :)


  1. Oh I love this post! I've been planning one too...if nothing else at least my likes are documented for next baby because I've already forgotten some things!

    1. Exactly! I feel like I had other things that I liked/didn't like but I've already forgot some of them because I never wrote them down. Oh well. :)

  2. great tips. i've modified my registry!