Friday, March 21, 2014

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So...what's up guys?
How was the week?  Good and sleepless?  Yeah, mine too.  :)
Is there a 9 month sleep regression?  There MUST be because for the last 3 nights my child has found it necessary to wake up every 1.5-2 hours.  Yeah.  Just when he's FINALLY starting to really sleep through the night.  Sigh.  One day mamas.  One day we WILL sleep.  :)

On to the REST of the week...which basically is a TON of pics of Jacko.  Ah yes, being a stay at home mom of one.  :)
So, this was a bit longer then a week ago but Jacko had his 9 month appt.  We have switched pediatricians to someone a little closer to our house (we were given one by the hospital when Jack was born because I was a slacker and hadn't picked one out haha).  Anyways, I LOVE him.  He's old and so sweet and to me that is EXACTLY what you want.  He's seen it all and Jack was totally fascinated by him.  Anyways, he's maintaining his completely average 50% measurements.  He's 19 pounds now.  Please note his moob grab. :)
I tend to wear a lot of jeans and white tshirts.  This outfit kinda made me feel fun.  :)  It helped that it was 80 degrees out.  Skirts and warm weather.  LOVE.
We like to walk on Sundays to our frozen yogurt joint.  Jack gets his own cup and all...but we only put fruit in it.  We act all excited like...Oh, Jack!  Here's YOUR yogurt haha.  How long do you think we can keep pulling this off?  ;)
The boy is still pretty white but he is showing some "tanning tendencies".  I hope I HOPE he has at least a little bit of his daddy's skin.  :)
I gave Jack a haircut aka I basically buzzed it.  He was getting some long bang things that I kept brushing to the side because...they kinda looked funny haha.  Anyways, his little buzzed head is to die for adorable.  :)
 Big boy shirt (no onesie) and his little diaper and fat legs.  Yum.
I bought these jeans from Gap WAY too big.  They are SO cute though and should last forever.  Even the waist has these little elastic adjustable stretchy things that I can let out.
 I let him play with my stuff if it means I get a little crafting time.  :)
I love me some sleeping baby.  :)
Other random updates from the week include:
-My Mom's group at church that I basically LOVE.  Seriously, if you are a mama of littles and haven't already...get involved with some other mamas on a regular basis.  It is so life giving.
-Jason has spring break this week...and I'm not planning on working the whole time to make up for missed income!  Yay!  :)
-Made THIS coffee cake by Ina Garten which is seriously beyond delish...and not dry...because coffee cakes have that tendency for sure.
Anyways, happy weekend everyone!!!

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