Friday, March 7, 2014

This Week via Instagram...

Why hello there my lovelies.

How was the week?
Mine was dandy.

Here are some highlights with a  little Instagram thrown in...
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  • Well, not exactly a highlight buuuut...Jack is sick AGAIN.  We went from a a fever ANOTHER cold.  Bah.  Poor thing.  I'm telling you.  Sunday school is a small room where they tell you about Jesus, give you cheerios...and every germ under the sun.  This is a shot taken after the little man was finally feeling better after the fever.  :)
  • We did our bi-monthly Target run.  Sometimes I forget how very different it is to be in San Francisco.  I think we wear our babies WAY longer then the average person (if you use public trans like we do).  Target is downtown and that's kinda nuts if I really think about it.  I'm toting my toilet paper and soap alongside all the tourists, business people, and homeless people.  If we were to stay and raise Jack here what a different life it would be compared to what I grew up with.  One of the odd/sad things is that there are safe needle disposal bins in the stalls of the bathrooms.  This city is beautiful...and also broken. 

  • I'm trying to earn my way to Florida!  Yeah yeah!  I have a lovely friend who is finally living in a place I'm willing to visit, ha!  That and her hubby has been deployed AND we have little boys who are three weeks apart that basically need a cross country play date.  Anywho, I'm back at the Etsy shop.  Well, I never quit.  I was just adding a product here and there...selling one here and there.  I have three wet bags that are about to be posted tomorrow AND this one went out a couple of days ago. 

  • Jason has an interview!  What what!?!  Can I just say that I find it funny that it's the ONE job that he heard about, shot over a quick resume, and that was it.  All the other jobs have been this long application process that we've done.  Anyways, I have no idea where it will go but it's nice to at least see some fruit from all this work we've been putting forth.  So keep praying friends.  I know God has the perfect job for my super talented husband.  :)
  • The boy puts himself to sleep at naptime now!  No other explanation needed!  Wahoo!

  • One word.  TEETHING.  Oh my golly.  The whinning.  It is NON STOP.  He was a little fussy with the first tooth...and the second came without much notice but it's a different story with this.  I think he has FOUR that are coming in on top.  The incisors are just about to cut through...and the front two will follow.  I find this hilarious that he will have his little incisors first haha.  Anyways, we are going to the park a LOT because fortunately he can be distracted pretty easily from the irritation.  He crawls and climbs and picks up every stick, rock, or piece of anything he can find.  Anyways, the constant whining drove me to indulge in a bit of a treat.  It also drove me to try the amber necklace that was gifted to us.  To be honest...I haven't noticed a difference.  I SO WANTED to notice a difference.  Maybe a bit less drool???

  • For lent I am giving up extra spending (ignore the above treat...hey, it's FOOD!).  Basically if it's not a necessary toiletry or food it's not being bought.  I am on a one year fast from buying clothes/anything really for myself.  Not buying for Jack is WAY harder though haha.  I was at Target and there was this amazing Ninja Turtle shirt that I Instagrammed....and then realized I couldn't buy.  I thought about cheating and saying it was for his Easter basket.  But it's DAY TWO of Lent people.  I should at least wait a week before I try to cheat.  :)  So the shirt went back.  Boo.
     And that's all!  Have a happy weekend friends!!!  :)

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  1. I saw that cute ninja turtle shirt at target. too cute. Awesome that you passed it by for Lent!