Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Crafting Fun and A Kitchen Addition.

So I looooOOOOOoove to craft.
Arts and crafts at camp were my THANG.

I'm totally one of those annoying mom's that will go all out when it comes to anything sewing/crafting...not because I have anything to prove...not because I love my kid...but because I do it for MYSELF!  Ha!  :)  It's an excuse to do a creative project and so I'm all in.

Anywho, Jack is entering this glorious age where he will play quite a bit on his own.  It allows me some time to get my crafting on.

So, here are a few things that I've been working on as of late...

Jack's party is coming up and I have made quite a few decorations.  Can I just say that I have yet to spend ANY money on decore except about $3 worth of felt and $2 on straws.  That's it.  I'll be buying some paper plates and napkins and some balloons but that's it.  I've made everything else.  One of my favorite decore pieces are these dream catchers.  Apparently all that summer camp paid off...I pulled out my dream catcher skills and made these fun little numbers.  The best part of this party is that Jack has a rough outdoor/indian theme in his room so all these decorations are going to be used in his room when I'm done!  (I don't edit my pics...fyi :) ha!)

 I got a pack of plain white onesies from a baby consignment store for $3.  I had some extra iron on stuff from Jack's birthday flag and shirt so I thought I'd try out my hand on some designs for onesies.  This fox one is my fave!  So cute.  And check out those adorable Freshly Picked moccs from his great grandma :)

And this isn't really crafty but my neighbor leaned her head out her backdoor and asked if we wanted her old dresser.  Yes and yes!  I've been wanting one of those long shorter dressers for a while.  We need more space for clothes right now and eventually I would like to use it as a place for our TV when we move into a bigger house.  Anyways, that meant that I needed to find a new home for our current dresser.  It's super old and made of actual wood with the dovetail joints and all...we don't want to get rid of it.  Anyways, we needed a solution for our lack of storage space in the kitchen.  The microwave was also on a rickety little table that kinda freaked me out with Jack.  Sooooo....
There you go!  I would love to get some new fun handles eventually buuuut...we have a dresser in our kitchen area.  And I LOVE it.  So much can be stored in there it's amazing...canned goods, dry goods, utensils.  Anyways.  I'm a fan...even if it is a little unconventional.  And once again...an unedited...unstaged photo.  Welcome to my life.  ;)

Welp.  Happy Tuesday friends!  :)


  1. Ummm... LOVE the dream catcher!! You are so clever!! I love it. Have I already requested many pics of Jack's party ... because, if so, I'm requesting it again!! And JACK-O!!!! He looks so big and darling! Such big boys our boys are becoming...

    And I hear ya on your last post. I also want to kick the blog... but who knows? Anyway, I enjoy reading about your life... :-)

    1. My mom in law has one of those fancy cameras that you have so I WILL have pics...and they will actually look good yay. After all this work the party WILL be documented. :)