Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Jack's 1st Birthday Pow Wow

We just got back from a whirl wind few days down south for a family bridal shower and Jack's FIRST birthday party.  Phew.  I'm exhausted.  Seriously, I just fell asleep at 7:15pm...and dozed for an hour before I realized what I was doing.

We are back though and I thought I'd share with you our little man's first birthday party.  We did a "Pow Wow" theme party.  I worked for quite a while on homemade decorations.  There are a lot more pictures but my mom in law had to email them to me and so this is what I have to post for now.  Figured if I don't do the post now...it will never happen.
This years invite via tinyprints.com.  Highly recommend them.  They turned out so cute and the quality was great.  In the end it was way cheaper then if I had made them myself.  And a lot less time consuming.  :)  And now I will just bombard you with pictures. 

 Our little indian.  So cute.  And he kept that headband on the whole day.  The moccasins ended up coming off (that are in my hand) because they were a little big and he started having trouble walking haha.  At this point we had let him stop wearing his quiver of arrows.  :)

 Cake!  I know I've been known to do some crazy cakes but I kept it really simple this year.  Cupcakes for everyone and a little simple cake for Jack.  I'll bust out the cake decorating "skills" when he's a little older and can appreciate it.  :)

The food table.  It's really hard to see the decorations here...sorta makes it look like I hardly did any buuut...you get the idea.  :)

So I originally wanted to make Jack a little teepee for his birthday.  Then I realized that we live in a cracker jack box of a house and there was no way I wanted it up permanently so I decided to just skip it.  Then my husband busted out his mad teepee making skills right before the party...just for decore sake.  Love that man.  :)  Btw, Jack did not want to take a picture in it, or near it.  This is the best one we've got haha...note the shoes and quiver of arrows.  Adorable.  If I do say so myself.  :)

I obviously thought something was VERY funny here.  

Present time!  Yeah buddy.  Jack was totally into it.  Actually he was just into the FIRST present...and  the cards.  :)

And then there is THIS picture which is basically my favorite picture of Jack yet.  Everyone was circled around watching him open presents and he started being a little ham and all, "Hey look at me, I'm kinda cute."  He decided to show us his "clean hands" skills...which sorta makes him look like he's doing a little jig.  


Jack is a very neat eater.  He really doesn't like food on his face.  He can feel the smallest piece that is stuck to his face and he will try to push it into his mouth.  He ate his cake very neatly...for a baby.  It's always fun to see those babies who make a HUGE mess...not our boy.  :)  He DID love it though.  Oh...and it was straight up full sugar delightfulness.  No depriving our boy of the good stuff.  It WAS made from scratch though so you know...it kinda balances out right? ha.

Such a fun party and celebration of our little boy!
Happy birthday little guy.
You are so very loved.


  1. What fun!! You totally did a great job on all the decor... very very sweet, Anna!!

  2. Very cute Anna! Isn't it amazing how fast the year(s) go???