Friday, June 13, 2014

One Year ago Today


One year ago about 5 hours to be exact...
We were welcoming our sweet little boy into the world.

After 20 hours or so of labor and three hours of pushing our 8 lb. 7 oz Jack Thoren was born on 6/13/2013 at 12:04pm...or was it 12:03pm?  haha.

It's funny to look back and think about what was going through our minds.  The euphoria of having our tiny newborn here in our arms, the emotions that were running a gamut in me.  The unsurity of how God could possibly see us fit to raise this tiny precious human.

Fast forward one year later.

What a year.  Everyone says it...and I will say it went by so FAST.  The sleeplessness and haze of that first 6 weeks, the constant diaper changes, Jason coming home from work on more then one occasion to me in tears holding a screaming newborn who I just couldn't figure out how to make happy (he was hungry by the way...always hungry.  When I ditched the "every 3 hour" feeding rule we were all a LOT happier haha).

And then came the rhythm.  Embracing the new slower pace of life, understanding more and more what our little guy needed, those first smiles, the laughs, rolling over, sitting up, crawling...and yes, even now walking.  All of those "firsts" were so special to witness, to experience with this little guy who calls me Mama.

Sometimes I've had thoughts of insufficiency.  Like how could changing diapers, feeding, rocking to sleep, really be all that important and worth while in a world where there are starving people and wars and violence.  I quit bringing home a paycheck, my role changed completely.  But you know...I wouldn't change anything.  (Well, I wouldn't mind him sleeping a little more between 3-8 months ha).  God has given us a unique opportunity to raise a child.  How many times are we given a span of 18 or so years to delve deeply into someone's mind, heart, and soul?  To invest in a way that will help form them and mold them to who they will become as an adult.  To point them to Jesus and the great hope that lies in Him.  Sometimes mothering feels silly.  The baby talk, the snot, and tushy wiping.  But really it's beautiful, it's valuable, it's irreplaceable.  It's God given and I pray that we will show Jack and hopefully any future babies the joy and hope that is to be found in Christ.

Happy Birthday buddy.  We love you so much.  We can't imagine our life without you in it.  I did not understand the depth of joy and love that we would feel for you...and every day your little hands have a tighter grip on our hearts.  We look SO forward to the years to come with you.

We made it!!!  :)

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