Friday, June 27, 2014

I Bid You Adieu...For Now. ;)


This starts my blogging vacay.

Taking a little break for a while.  There's just way too many things happening lately.  Weddings, birthdays, keeping children alive...well, just one...yet sometimes it feels like 12.

Anyways, I figured I'd make it official.

And I'll just leave with a random thing or two.

Like the fact that I have been looking for a new baby carrier that I can carry Jack on my hip.  I found one that seemed super cool buuuut...$115 is not so super cool.  Then I was browsing in Target and the Infantino Mei Tai wrap caught my eye.  The $35 price tag REALLY caught my eye.  So I bought it, tried it, actually really like it, found it on Amazon for $25, returned the Target one, ordered the Amazon one and seriously am stoked that I scored a really awesome baby carrier that works great for $25.  The reviews are really great AND it works for babies as small as 8 pounds so I can use it for any future babes until the little one grows into the Ergo.  P.S.  Supposedly the Ergo works for the hip but it is awful!  Don't even bother trying it haha.  P.P.S.  Extra bonus points because the wrap is pretty cute.  :)

So, see you again in a few weeks...maybe a month. ;)  Summer!

I'm off to stare at my freshly planted flowers.  Jack helped.  By helping perfect my transplanting skills.  He pulled up 3 that I had planted.  So I had to do it again.  Practice makes perfect.  Little stinker.

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  1. Ok...I just bought the same thing!!! I went to a baby wearing class (nerd, I know) and they said this was a great starter wrap. (Target online is $25, you can price match in store!) But I love it. LOVE. So much easier than the ergo, I think, for all the positions, and very comfy. Although I did use the ergo for hip carries, but the ergo hurts my hips half the time. So wow. Great (and thrifty) minds think alike! Glad you like it!!!