Monday, September 29, 2014

My 15 Month Old

SO I have a few drafts just chillin on my blog list.  I just feel...uninspired?  Not sure what to write about you know?  I was trying to take some pictures of Jack for this post just ain't happening so I'm posting it anyways.  :)

Okay, so he's technically a little older then 15 months buuut...close enough.

Thought it was time to do a little update on our little man.
So, it feels like yesterday that I was doing his one year update.  My how time flies.  Do I sound like a broken record or WHAT?!?

He's really into anything that could possibly be hot.  He touches it lightly and says "Ha" his little baby Jack voice.  Soooo cute.  The car seat, the outside of the oven, our coffee cups, any and all food that we feed him.  Love it.

We are adding more words to the vocab.  I use words loosely because it seems to be the first half...leaving off the end.  We know what he's saying though.  :)

The 15 month disposition is just soooo sweet.  Really he's been such a happy little guy for the last few months.  He's just...easy to be around.  :)  There was a little blip in there where he got 4 molars at the same time.  But other then that, so fun to hang out with day in and day out.

He LOVES being outside.  And being among other people.  There was a phase where I thought he was shy.  No.  Not anymore.  He waves and blows kisses to pretty much every store clerk he can find.  If we've been inside too long he will go get my shoes...well usually Jason's shoes so that we can go outside.  He loves to go on walks in his stroller and LOVES to play at the park.  There is a toddler park that we frequent often that's all fenced in and size appropriate.  Sometimes the local preschool comes over and uses it and Jack is basically in heaven.  I used to get bugged when they would come and take over.  Now he's big enough that it's fun to be able to see him have other interactions with little kids.

Dare I say...he's showing perfectionist tendencies.  This makes me laugh because he did NOT get that from me.  He places his sippy just right on his highchair tray.  He lines things up neatly and is so careful with every task.  He likes a clean face, clean hands, and clean bum.  There was a box that he bumped and it had fallen over.  He was trying to push it back up and it was fine...but not exactly how it was originally.  He was so annoyed that it wasn't going back to the original spot.  Funny I tell you.  I have no idea how genetics and this sort of thing works but these tendencies are most definitely from Jason.  :)

Elmo.  Elmo the Musical in particular.  And you know...they are actually a little entertaining to me too.  Really we just love PBS kids.  And it's saved us a few times when I had too much work.  I never thought I'd let him watch TV buuuuut you do what you gotta do.  :)  But he get's genuinely excited and an hour of Sesame Street  or Daniel Tiger here and there certainly won't turn him into a vegetable.

Coloring.  I got Jack a spiral bound notebook and the little guy LOVES to "color".  He has a little trouble if I leave the house without him but I can always ask him if he wants to color...set him all up...and off I go.  "Adios Mama!  I'm coloring!"  :)

We are in this absurdly compliant stage where if we tell him "no" he actually doesn't do it.  Or if we ask him to clean up...he'll GLADLY do it.  Ha!  How long will THIS last?!?  I put a status on Facebook though concerning how often I feel like I tell Jack no.  Sometimes if I call out Jack's name he will reply with a "no no"...even if he's doing nothing wrong.  It's very cute...and sad at the same time. We are trying to think of alternatives...and have been using them.  Of course Jack knows what they still mean and still says, "no no" in reply.  Oh well.  Hopefully him hearing no too often won't kill him.  I've been trying to be encouraging too.  Like do activities where I won't be saying no.  The park and the backyard are good ones.  There isn't much he can get in trouble with in those two places.

GROWING!  The boy is growing like crazy.  I just switched out some clothes.  Actually I feel like his clothes have lasted a decent amount of time but his SHOES.  So I bought a pair of Converse maybe a month ago but ONE shoe is already too small.  And I don't understand why just one!?!  I don't put socks on him and you can see the little footprint inside.  One is fine but with the other his big toe is pushing up against the end.  Gah.  I feel torn too on what shoe to get next.  I want to keep with the soft sole more or less.  His feet are so wide that when I pull his foot out of the Converse his toes are smooshed together.  I just don't want to mess with that little baby foot quite yet.  These decisions you deal with as a mother!  Ha!!!

Aaaaaaand.  I think that's it.  The short list of things he's enjoying...raisins, basically ALL foods (no shrimp though!), his little fire truck, trains, and cars.  He basically has one in each hand at all times.  Remote controls, "helping", hugging, giving kisses, sitting on your lap for stories (he'd do it for daaaaays if we let him), pens and pencils, rocks, turning the dehumidifier off after his nap (we use it as a sound machine too), turning the TV on and off (I can't wait until we move somewhere where we can put it higher!), laptops, tape dispensers, and unrolling TP (ssssh, sometimes I let him indulge a LITTLE when we are in public restrooms!  Ha!  Soooo bad)

And that's it!  Hope everyone had a marvelous weekend!  :)

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